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Coming back today with one more new roomate in my room;total up, we’re three for now. The third person will join us prolly early September. They are okay for now, I’ve no problem with them. One of them is Kedahan,which is sooo good that we both can speak out our slangs without any hesitation.

Living with a few roomates, is quite a new thing for me. There will be some challenges like our sleeping time, schedule and whatnot. Talking about sleeping time, this is what I most worried about. Hopefully things will be okay for us.

There’s a lot of things in my mind. I want to start my business again. I’ve been eyeing on certain clothes from China but how do I start building it? How do I contact the supppliers? 

Got a news from AB that his close friend had just passed away. Death is a mystery, we will never know when is our turn. 

RIP privacy

So, early next month, I will have 3 roommates. There will be 4 peoples in this room, including me. Well, it’s something that..urm I don’t really favor.

My trip to Indonesia is getting nearer. I haven’t plan anything yet for the trip. The weirdest thing is..Fiqah can’t make it to the trip! It will be Denah and me with her families, isn’t weird and awkward? hahaah. Denah & me are now working on the strategies on how to blend in and present ourselves in front of them. Thinking of that..hmm.. I can’t really imagine how awkward we will be. Hopefully all is well. I know I have to push my ‘friendly’ mode out. I don’t know..let see how it goes.

The reason why Fiqah dropped herself from this trip was quite..cute (?). Her cat is having a hard time. It suffers from a disease which is incurable.

So, cat and animal lovers out there, claps for her. She’s an excellent cat lover!

Back to my new roommates, I have no chance to meet them yet, hopefully they’re okay. RIP my privacy, till we meet again.

A plain soul claimed for its right

The reasons why I hardly write. Okay that sounds like a lazy person who justifies why she didn’t produce any writing. Judgement aside, it’s true, there are some reasons why I hardly write nowadays regardless how crazy my soul rotting for it.

I didn’t mean to blame my work schedule. But the shit just got real, I’ve been so tired of making money to pay for the stupid bills. I love the job, but I’m dying from sitting all day long and repeating the same routine. The job is good, undeniable. This is the longest period of working I’ve ever experienced. Everytime I come back from work, I turn into a wilt spinach. Some ‘lucky’ days, I will just sleep from 8.30 pm to 7.30 am on the next morning and start my work routine again. Writing in between these situation? Hell no.

My sister and I- we exchanged our laptops. Her laptop has no Microsoft word, Kingsoft Office is not working. If I wanna write something, I will have to open up my OneNote account which requires internet – which I always tend to drift away – end up watching Bizarre Food by Andrew Zimmern on YouTube (or make-up tutorials which I’ve never tried). Writing on phone? I don’t like it.

I guess those 2 are the major reasons why. Anyhow, I still want to write. I have a tonne of story to tell, I don’t want this plain soul anymore, I want to write like I used to.

that means..I have to find a way to be back on track.

Wake me up when September comes

I don’t feel right doing this, actually. But something inside me keep telling me to save it, to live for this moment since I’ll lose it somehow, I was told by my self to just live with it; for some times – before leave.

Leaving for good, maybe when September comes. Till then, wake me up when September comes.

Cous cous, just how exactly it tastes like?

I’ve never failed in inventing my own food. But today! I failed. haha.

I’ve always wanted to try cous cous and quinoa before given their nutritional value is better than white rice. So, I bought a packet (expensive!) organic cous cous at Mid Valley last 2 days with the hope of I wanna try to eat it for a week. They said it is a super-food that can make your stomach flat *don’t judge me*.

Today, when I came back from work, I tried to cook it and the result is..terrible. It has a nice look, but the taste..I can’t accept it on my taste buds. Is it because of my recipe or cous cous is just not my thing? I guess I need to do a lot more revision how to make a good & tasty cous cous.

With my hungry stomach, I grabbed my laptop and ordered McDelivery.

Looks nice, huh? RIP

There comes a time..

There comes a specific time in a month where you are hungry like a monster bitch. You’re craving for carbs, spicy foods, fast foods, crunchy foods, junk foods, just to name a few. You had never get enough of foods, your stomach feels like expanding like a balloon, asking for some filling. You are hungry. You are just hungry, like a monster bitch.

You overthinking. You have a stormy mind, over-analyse thought. You hate things, like stupid bus, stupid tree and the curse goes on, with no exact reason.

On top of everything, you’re damn hungry. You wanna eat like a tonne of foods at the same time.

Foods, where are you!?


A long Monday

As the saying goes..

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a sleep”

Good night from this part of the world.

Can time stops for a while?

No, time can’t be stopped. Clock is ticking, time is running.

I don’t know what to do. I’m still figure out how to reach 50% of my target by this Friday as I made the promise to Chris. Chris said he understood that I took MC for 3 days but when he kinda forced me to achieve it, I think he doesn’t really understand..

How could I achieve 50% of my target while I just started work 3 days ago? Come on, let’s have some common sense.

By hook or by crook, I have to achieve it. But how? Can time stops for a while? So that I can breath and think wisely for a while? In the meantime, I just wanna lie down like this..straighten my back bone.

50%, come fast to me!

Update (25/07/2016) 

I managed to achieve 55% of my target. Don’t know if time was really stopped or the effect of my over-positive-thinking was that powerful. Alhamdulillah, anyway. 5 days left to achieve 100%. Make it easy for me Ya Allah.

Morning rain

Morning rain in PJ.

I reached Kajang Bus Station around 10.30 pm last night. It was a dizzy ride, I felt like vomiting.

Came out from my sister’s house to my ‘nest’ quite late. We overslept, and right after I woke up, I drove alone in the pitch black dawn. First day of working after a-two-weeks holiday. I have a lot of things to catch up. Target is chasing me, I am hoping I can cope it well. Not achieving my monthly target would mean less pocket money for my Indonesia’s trip.

p/s : Did my dressing earlier this morning. It was a mess.  My phone was barred this morning. When on earth I can go out to pay for it? Why out of so many times, my phone was barred today?


Went to the nurse again, her name is Amalina as I can see from her name tag. She addressed me as ‘adik’ maybe from my immatured attire, I don’t mind though. She is the one who did my dressing for 3 days in a row. I’m grateful. Since I will have to work in short times, she gave me a package of basic daily dressing tools for me to do by my own. She recommended me to buy a bottle of Dermacyn at any pharmacy which I did. 

Today would be my last day of dressing in the clinic. Starting tomorrow, I will have to do all by myself. I am quite nervous about that. She said she can see some cells are growing; which is a good sign. Mom bought me a bucket of Sunkist as a great source of Vit C. I can feel the warmth of her love like never before. Mom’s love indeed is very comforting.

The gauze sticking on my raw flesh is stinging. I hope it will dry soon, InsyaAllah. Remembering the Indonesia’s trip next month..I hope I can make it. Or else, Denah and Fiqah would kill me. 

Happy working after a long holiday, Izni. Stay positive.


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