Bad day

Not that anyone asked but the interview went bad.

Bought sliced fruits priced 14 bucks. Shocked me to death!

Train stopped for 15 minutes due to some problems.

Went to KLCC just to eat KFC, but the KFC closed.

Waited for a bus home for an hour.

Yesterday was a bad day. I was tired and stressed out, but I believe something good is coming my way. I’m sorry if I mistreated anyone.

I was just..tired.


Long day 

Right after I finished my work in the office which felt like forever, I changed into something comfortable and drove Uber. 

Traffic was fine, mild traffic jammed – maybe due to the lovely weather these days so I guess people skipped work to cuddle with their partner lol. Given my long hiatus in doing Uber, I started off quite nervous. I almost forgot how to appear friendly when I myself am tired. 

1. Picked up an African man. He kept on telling me how to drive, and ended up the advice he gave lead us to a heavy traffic area. I mean, can you trust me? If I wasn’t sure I will ask you, worry not, my friend. 

2. I had not enough note to reload my Touch & Go at at Penchala Link which caused me to use coins for RM2. When I handed in the coins, the female staff (her name is Suhana!) ambushed me with “No, no I dont want! I don’t wanna accept coins!”- she said with a grumpy face as if my coins have no value. When I told her it was all I had, I can see her lips movement saying “menyusahkan orang!” (troubling people!). What the hell is wrong with coin? Damn it. Attitude!

3. Internet is still messing up. Suddenly my data off by itself and I had to restart my phone. It happened 4 times and I headed home. 

4. Home, and my housemate asked me to join her cook.

Bad day. I feel like scolding everyone now. After a long day like this, all I want is privacy. 

The promise

Something happened yesterday and I made a promise to myself as a trade to something. 

A promise is a promise, I will keep it no matter what. I know it is a little difficult and hurtful at times but I believe things will get better slowly. I have to learn how to be selfless. And humble. And most importantly, less needy. 

I realised how selfish I was before. Apologies. I will be a new me starting now.

All I need is some time to grow. 

5 years and counting

I still can’t quite believe it but today marks 5 years since I started this blog! 

I started this blog with my favourite url of but a few years after, I changed it to due to some reasons. I have to admit it- I kind of regretting the change I made. Still regretting it up till now because I love the original url more (it can’t be undone) but as they said, you can’t get everything you want in life so yeah whatever. I still love this blog nevertheless.

A lot of things had happened through out these 5 years. It is amazing that you are still here by my side ❤

Let’s grow together!

Hot Sunday 

Planned to do Uber today after a few months of hiatus but the hot sun kind of forcing me to stay indoor. Turned down some of my friends’ invitation to stroll around outside, I mean I would rather stay bored indoor than to let the sun eat me alive. 

Nothing much happening. Just laundry and some house chores.

Just another lonely weekend.