Ramadhan. Its ended.


Today is 3 Syawal. Alhamdulillah, it has been 3 days since Syawal started. But, yet I’m still feel the “aura” of Ramadhan. Such a warm feeling!

The beautiful voices of Imam and the crowded masjid – made me really want to meet Ramadhan again.InsyaALLAH. I pray for my next Ramadhan.Amiin.

Blessing. Allah showered us with a lot and a lot of blessing in Ramadhan and the biggest bless HE gave is bless of doing ibadah.

Some people totally change in Ramadhan and carry it along to the following months ; some just do change in Ramadhan and continue to follow their nafs And for sure, I wish to be the first group.

Even Ramadhan is just ended do continue your good deeds. I once read a wisdom quote,

 ” People always collect things to decorate their home,but forget to collect good deeds to decorate their graves”

As this blessing months is just passed, of course syaitan back in business! Huhh.

So, Prepare and Strengthen your iman and taqwa!