Cons Studying Abroad


Haha. Ini bukanlah contoh karangan atau tajuk spot exam SPM atau PMR.

Just a thought of mine few days ago since I return home,here in Kedah tercinta 🙂

Me,studying abroad too. Sarawak separated from Peninsular Malaysia *Kedah by South China Sea and undeniable, this case has its own boon and bane.

Yesterday, when my family and I sat and ate together, a story suddenly came out.A story which made my heart “boil”.

Mum told me that last October she was in bad ill. There was some point where dad had to bring her to hospital.And when I heard that, its like, ” Oh.its me who does not contribute to anything on her”. Sad.Very sad I am.

She may be got some shocks after return from vacation in Indonesia. Maybe the foods or environments or maybe it just tiredness?

Mum said its so extreme ill. She cant even speak cause of cold fever.Dad,of course in panic condition seeing his love suffering. My sister told me that Dad is the most  panic person in the world at that moments! Well, I know him 🙂

“WHY DIDNT TELL ME?” I asked for several times.

And the answers is still the same. She don’t want me to be panic and wanna return home. Its might burden me as well.

She even lied to me when I called her last times. She said she’s ok but in fact she was in hospital,waiting for the doctor.

I am so wrong. Feel guilty of wishing to study more abroad in my master and phD later.

Ya ALLAH, keep my parents safe in your rahmah and love.Amiin.



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