What happen?

Actually these days I sort of in “blank” state.A lot of things happened around me, which made some part of me experiences somewhat called “revolution” or “evolution” ? haha. Whatever it called, but the basic meaning is “CHANGES”.

Things get worse when I have no idea how to put an end to my cerpen. I already set an end to the story but I felt uneasy to the ending. Regardless uneasy because the ending is not interesting or maybe I just forgot how the ending should be. I plan a twist-plot method but yeah, practice is really count!

I have to admit that in writing world, once you are not regularly practiced or just happen to think about ” what to write”, it just blown up, blown away.The ideas are not really creative and your brain is like cramping! oh.That sound extreme,but yep it do occur to me! >.<

Few days back, im really in crazy mood. I did feel something that I deadly promise to myself to do not feel it even once! Now i feel it,it just worse.I dont want to feel it. Worse.Worse.Worse. Shame on me!

So, what happen? Earth spinning around and so as me.Reality,indeed.

Ya Allah, do keep me in straight way. Make my heart clear from any negative feeling and anything that may take me astray from you. Ameen ya Rabbal ‘alamin.



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