Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah that I have given a chance to live again. I mean,live and breath with something new.But not sure what is new,but there’s something. Something new inside me.

Got a message about my new group of usrah and I am really happy since I heard a lot of happiness were “born” through usrah.

Last semester, I did involve in usrah. But, shame on me, I cant make my time for it due to my endless programmes and works. Until then, I felt that I MUST spend a plenty of time for me to refresh myself,renew and strengthen my imaan besides to fill up my heart with HIS knowledge.

This semester, InsyaAllah, I will put the usrah on my top priority. This is the time to build my self up.

I’m in much jealousy when seeing my fellas and sisters are very fluent in memorising Al Quran. Once you memorised HIS verses, life is getting beautiful. Difficulties will be seen as a romantic way of HIM. For that, I should start memorising too.Step by step,insyaAllah.

May Allah ease everything for me, and you too.

Ameen ya Rabbal’alamin.


Its time to tighten up the distance.


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