“What if a butter fall from the high building?”



Can’t answer?

Its BUTTER FLY! = butterfly

Haha. Well, not funny,right? Anyway,its not my intention to do that kind of joke 😛

I love to take butterfly as my life analogy. What butterfly did to continue living? – It is metamorphosis or anything that related to change from one phase to another ; just to complete its cycle then it will be able to live.Plus,live beautifully.

In order to get its beautiful art skin and colourful wings to fly, it has to go the difficulties of being caterpillar and pupa. Difficulties of facing the peoples who hate caterpillar,who always throw and kill caterpillar due to the “euuuuu!” feeling.

Then,those butterfly who stay strong and find their way to live will stay.Some of them didn’t have chance to stay,either being washed away by river stream or heavy rain,it just die there. That’s called natural selection? – Just who stay strong will win (hehe whatever science term)

Drowning before getting wings to fly.

Then,the caterpillar enter pupal stage which mean travelling time! I guess this is the factor that determine how successful for it to change to butterfly form. During some years of life, we will realise that there’s a lot of things that we experienced out. Some of them make us smile and laugh and some are really tears-burster. As we grow up,become adult ; we realise that we need to live by our own. You look around,but there’s few and fewer people that stand beside you. It is like,when the pupa reach an unfavourable condition, the pupa may not change to butterfly yet ; until it reaches favourable condition like suitable temperature , then it will become a beautiful butterfly. During the pupal stage, it will experience a lot of changes ; preparing for the next stage.

Why do you think that ; the butterfly is not just happen? Instead,it need to go for egg,caterpillar,pupa and finally butterfly?

It is life. It means journey. We can’t have the beautiful moment without any changes.Something should be change and that’s the way how the beautiful butterfly is born.

U get it? Life is journey,it may give you happiness, sadness, disappointment,frustration, failure, success and many more challenges.

Why they are so many challenges?

Because to get Jannah (heaven), it is not easy. So, those who pass their trials deserved their place (Jannah).

Keep in mind,that you can’t just simply live. Something have to be your guidance.

And me, I have ALLAH as my Everything, Islam as my way of life which is the best,Rasulullah sallallahu ‘ alaihi wasalam as my leader,my love , and Al-Quran as my compass. So,why worry? Just live as Allah planned it.

Smile wide and say Alhamdulillah.



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