of Sabah – Last

The third day is the journey to Kundasang. Took about more than 2 hours but not exceed 3 hours 😀 Climbed upper, we turn off the air-cond since the air from the outside is super fresh and cool! Remind me of the Cameron Highland. It was quite a long time since I didn’t go to any highland.

The views and the scenery there are the one that I can’t forget. They are just extra beautiful! Even my camera can’t captured the beauty that I saw with own eyes. Haha. Seriously.

Well, first stop of us is at The Upside Down House. With the fees of RM10,I recommended that you don’t have to stop here. But, for us, its ok. This is our first time ^^

Well, as the name implies, everything inside the house is in upside down position. Yep, even refrigerator, toilet bowl, bed, and everything! Haha. Our head also upside down afterwards. dizzy! Hee


welcome! 😀


It is not natural phenomenon but invented by an engineer 


Our second stop is Pekan Nabalu. Tourists that headed to Kundasang usually will stop here for a while to snap some beautiful scenery here. We met artists! They are Halim Othman and Adibah Noor. Haha. See? They follow us 😛

with Adibah Noor and Halim Othman

with Adibah Noor and Halim Othman

Weather on that day was quite hazy and foggy which covered up the peak of the Kinabalu. But still, it was a beautiful shot.

Air became cooler and fresher when we stopped at Kinabalu Park. One of my favourite place ^^.


InsyaAllah, hope to reach here again to climb the Mount Kinabalu.  new target!

There, we met someone. He is Damili ;  a rescue ranger that live at the Mt. Kinabalu for 8 years. He is the one that pick heavy things and human up to the mountain and he is able to climb up just in one hour! Plus running. Hehe. *Clap*

with our friend aka tourist guide. Damili. like! Ponsikou! megla~ (Tq n wc in Dusun)

with our friend aka tourist guide. Damili. like!
Ponsikou! megla~ (Tq n wc in Dusun)



Actually, Damili contributed a lot while we were in Kundasang.He can be called as our tourist guide since he brought us here and there and explained this and that. Talkative!

Our next stop is Desa Cattle Dairy Farm aka New Zealand of Malaysia. Hihi.

This is also one of our favourite place! The scenery here is superbly more than beautiful. Felt like in New Zealand. We saw how the milk of the cows being extracted and processed, and of course, we drank the milk and tasted the ice cream that made from the milk! How to say it? Yummy! 😀

the view of the grass field :)

the view of the grass field 🙂

they line up!

they line up!

Man behind the scene :D I mean, the staffs that responsible in processing the milks.

 staffs that responsible in processing the milks.

It was a rainy day, so we can’t do a lot of posing activities on the grass field 😛

Next destination was flower garden. I love to see the bright, fresh flowers. But, no tulip was planted. It is ok. Will found tulips in Turkey later, heheh. InsyaAllah.

one f the beautiful flowers. A lot more pics, but I am tired to upload :P

one of the beautiful flowers.

Return back to our Hotel in Kundasang. We stayed at Strawberry Garden Hotel and no air cond or fan. Naturally aerated. Love! The result was, we over slept and it was hard to open up our eyes because it was so comfortable! Haha. Open up the door of our room, a beautiful mountain can be seen. How we wished to build our own house here in Kundasang, The worse excitement was the decision to marry with Sabahan and stay there forever. Is it possible? 😛

Fresh plucked Strawberries.

Fresh plucked Strawberries.

Ouuhhh delicacy!

Ouuhhh delicacy!

Rainbow behind us! Perfect rainbow :)

Rainbow behind us! Perfect rainbow 🙂


Mount Kinabalu. Clearer than before 🙂 We can see the peak. One day, we want to conquer that peak!

before return to KK, visiting this war memorial. I can guest that there was a tragic event happened  there few years and years back.

before return to KK, visiting this war memorial.

After half and a day spending time in the lovely Kundasang, finally we were down to Kota Kinabalu,again. This time is for shopping and packing our goods, ready to return to our hometown.

It was quite sad to leave Sabah. Err, I mean still a lot of places that we haven’t go due to the very short time. Ok, next time, we spend in Sabah for 3 months ok? Practical. Hehe

To be short, this trip is a memorable trip. “Next destination is Semporna!”, said Fiqah with glimmering eyes.Haha.

InsyaAllah. lets goooo!

And saving,too. 😛


of Sabah – Day 2

Oh crap! I left my camera charger =.=

With only 2-bar batteries left, we confidently headed to our next destination. Arghh, I need my camera much at that time because today is the major day! ^_^ We ended up by saying ‘Takpa..mungkin ada hikmah!”. Right? Haha. Things happen for a reason 🙂

Well, after discussing deeply ; we decided to go to Manukan Island. Some peoples might ask, why we chose only one? Why not go for every island?

jetty when we took a boat to Manukan island.

jetty when we took a boat to Manukan island.

And we finally have a good answer from the life guards there. They said that it is better for you to only go for one island because every island is quite the same and of course, by choosing Manukan Island is very a brilliant idea because the island is the most beautiful and large.

Ok. We made a right decision!

This whole day is very much exciting. We have many new friends and most of them are life guards of the Manukan Island. They are Alex (the sweet-language,funny man), Azrein (the shy man), Syafiq (let Fiqah describe 😛 ) , Sadiq and many more.

The most memorable and excited event, of course is the snorkelling time! At first, we were just snorkelled at the beach line and all of us were so afraid of being drowned (even with the life jackets. Heh).

But, finally we found our true excitement! Alex and Azrein brought us into the mid water, far away from the coast line. Alex brought Fiqah and her sis and Azrein brought me. They snorkelled without life jacket! !

At that time, if my camera alive, many beautiful and amazing shots can be captured! But, it is okay. I recorded them well in my brain memory.Hehehe.

It was so safe being guard and brought by Azrein. He showed me three types of sea cucumbers , letting me touch sea anemone and seeing nemo in a very near distance. He picked up some beautiful molluscs and bivalves for me to see and they are so big!

A variety of corals are existed. From branching to non branching and from colourful to colourless (die).He also dived to take starfishes and that was my first time touching the beautiful starfish. I felt like I am in lecture hall, thinking and remembering of everything that my lecturers teaches me about aquatic life.

While there were only coral rubbles below, we took out our snorkel mask and chatting this and that. Most of them are about the uniqueness of the sea creatures and their adaptation as well as their morphology. I love the purplish small fishes. What is their name? They are so beautiful 😀

Fish shoaling and schooling is another normal scenery here. I can saw clearly the silver-line fishes form a shoal and turn right and left gracefully.They are cute and I fell in love with them straight away! I can’t smile to them, otherwise, seawater will fill up my mask. Haha.

That is a strong reason why we have to conserve our sea and ecosystem. If we didn’t care about the destruction of the coast; then by 4, 5 years later, we might never see that ecosystem again. The beauty of the sea creatures will lose someday. Quoted from Ocean’s Deadliest by Animal Planet, we, Human are the most dangerous creatures, not the whale, stonefish and whatsoever. Human. We love to destruct things. Something have to change,isn’t?

For all that, I am happy and proud to be a student of Aquatic Science! Seriously.

They are amazingly beautiful and I felt like seeing another world underwater. Indeed, it is another world.

Thanks for the trip, Azrein 🙂

After quite a long time went for the snorkelling, we walked up to the beach. Chatting and laughing again and they decided to help send us to the Kundasang the next day. To be particular, Azrein, he will send us to Kundasang since he was on his way to return to his village.

*Fiqah and I deadly wanna do our Practical there next year.InsyaAllah! We will ruturn to the island someday.*

Miss my starfish and the purple fishes. Meet again later yah!

sea anemone and nemo. I  already touched it :P

sea anemone and nemo. I already touched it 😛

Hi Nemo! :)

Hi Nemo! 🙂

Fiqah's hand. Feeding the fishes.

Fiqah’s hand. Feeding the fishes. Sampai gigit-gigit tangan gue.haha

Right after the day, we are busy finding camera’s shops. 😛

Alhamdulillah the last shop that we went had my charger and I bought it. My camera is finally alive,again 🙂

Found them. From left is Shy, Din and Am.

Found them. From left is Shy, Din and Am.

of Sabah – Day 1


Alhamdulillah. Touch down home safely after spent 5 days in the awesome Sabah. Frankly to say, 5 days is not enough to explore all about Sabah and to add more, I need about a week in Kundasang alone. Haha! The fresh air and the breathtakingly scenery there really left me wordless. But, InsyaAllah will try to create few sentences to let you imagine 😛

We are in trio; Fiqah, her sister (Kak Ierah) and me.

After busy storing and packing our goods into college stores, we departed to Terminal 2 Kota Kinabalu Airport and met Kak Ierah there. I was quite awkward since this is my first time being with her. Haha. But well, we made it. I can adapt well.

We stayed first at a hotel in Kampung Air named Sri Iskandar Hotel which is very near to the Philippine Market and other markets. Shortly, it was strategic place to stay because there are a lot of stores nearby. So, if you wanna buy anything at anytime, you have Seven-E very near to the hotel.

View from our hotel.Instead of Sabah, we felt like staying at Nepal.Hahah

View from our hotel.Instead of Sabah, we felt like staying at Nepal. Hahah

Thinking about our plan that evening, we decided to enjoy seeing sunset at Tanjung Aru. There, we met someone,too. Haha. It was Kak Niza, doing her Practical in Sabah.

Entrance to the beach. Fiqah and her sis. An uncle saw us busy taking the pics. Haha that's a routine of the tourists, uncle!

Entrance to the beach. Fiqah and her sis. An uncle saw us busy taking the pics. Haha that’s a routine of the tourists, uncle!

One thing that made me surprise, is the fruits sold there is very big. Maybe just their container is big but it was my first time seeing peoples sell the fruits like that. The seller sat at the top of the container and we, buyers have to look up in order to buy. Unique, isn’t? Some of the stalls inside arranged their fresh fruits compactly like a tower and wall. Hahah and I was like wanna say “ Daebak!” to the stall owner for the creativeness.  

The fruities

The fruities

This is in front of the stalls. Fruits arranged forming a tight wall. Maybe to attract customers. Amazingly, they were not fallen.

This is in front of the stalls. Fruits arranged forming a tight wall. Maybe to attract the customers. Amazingly, they were not fallen. That was a sign of daebak-ness.haha

Mountain of corns and nuts

Mountain of corns and nuts

We munched corn and nuts while waiting for the sunset. It was so relaxed. Enjoy much! Sunset view is SubhanAllah beautiful! But it was a hazy day, so, the sun’s colour is not too bright. But still, it was awesome. I think, the beauty of sunset is not depend on itself alone, it depends on who we are with while the sun was set down. That made the sunset beautiful in its own way. New theory! 😀

Kak Ierah,me and my corn. In front of us is the beautiful beach and sunset will follow up then.

Kak Ierah,my corn and I. In front of us is the beautiful beach and sunset will follow up then.

Fiqah showing 'peace' to the sun.  May be the sun showing peace for her too :P

Fiqah showing ‘peace’ to the sun. May be the sun showing ‘peace’ for her too 😛

Oh ya! This is Kak Niza. An artist to be? Hahah

Oh ya! This is Kak Niza. An artist to be? Hahah

the ray and reflection

the ray and reflection




Dimmer and softer.Hazy? Might be..

Dimmer and softer.Hazy? Might be..

Sun had been set down and night appear straight away Before leaving the beach, we bought some chicken wings which is superbly tasted! The combination of the wings and the sauce is just nice. In Sabah, we ate chicken wings thrice and this is the most delicious among others.

one of the stalls.

one of the stalls.

yummy! :D

yummy! 😀

Then,we took a taxi and headed to the Perdana Park. Kak Niza’s suggestion. She said that we have to see how water dance! Err, how water dance, exactly?

With the beautiful melodies on, they dance gracefully. We were excited at this point! 😀


greeny dance ^^


the green one is actually form a love-shape. The water dance into love! beautiful!


behind us is the red colour dance. Another melody ^^



Full of colours and beautiful melodies really made our night. Kenny G’s music also played in the air of the park. So romantic! 😀 The most important thing is, its toilet is really a 5 stars one! Seriously. It was like a hotel inside the toilet! Salute! My 50 cents is not a waste. Hehehe

Next is Philippine Market. Why it is called so?

Maybe due to the Philippines people that might be scattered there.  The market ; is nothing special. I mean, it was not different from other night market except that it is open from the day to the night. This market is one of the tourist’s attraction. There, a lot of seafoods and sea products like seaweeds and dried fishes.

Giant lobster. Cryptic colours ^^

Giant lobster. Cryptic colours ^^ This cryptic coloration is one of their adaptation to stay survive.


"favourite" haha. Jeruk ubi and kerabu seaweed.

“favourite” haha. Jeruk ubi and kerabu seaweed.

murtabak Jawa? Kak ierah said

murtabak Jawa? Kak ierah said. Tasty!

can be caught in deeper sea, Azrein said .

can be caught in deeper sea, Azrein said .

crabs and shrimps. Seriously large!

crabs and shrimps. Seriously large!



and even seahorses were sold! Pity the loyal seahorse. Shouldn’t sell them! Fiqah is about to cry seeing the horse were packed and clanged for sold.

Sea horse :'(

Sea horse 😥

After a day walking,chatting, laughing,buying,seeing, etc, we returned hotel for our dinner. We ate the foods that we bought earlier at the Philippines Market and Tanjung Aru.

dinner :D

dinner 😀 #moist choc. cake.

Slept soundly before waking up for the second day of our vacation.


Day 2 of Sabah

Last Day of Sabah



Alhamdulillah.Now home and given a chance to write again in this blog after a few weeks it left abandoned. After exams, I focused on keeping my goods into my college’s store. It was undoubtedly tiring and every semesters, I hate that activity a lot because the day after it, my muscles might be scratched and cramped! But, it is ok. As long as I can stay in that college, I am willing to sacrifice my muscles 😀

Finish with the storing and packing, I took a flight to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah ; targeted vacation. The five days-vacation in Sabah ; I would say that it is not enough because it is too short to explore the place.

Will post about the awesome Sabah when I got the time yah 🙂

me and strawberry.  #a teaser before Sabah's post.hehe

me and strawberry.
#a teaser before Sabah’s post.hehe

UKM: Tempe Kandungi Kalsium Setanding Susu

Tempe setanding susu 🙂


بِسۡـــــــــمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡـمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِـــــــيمِ

اَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ وَسَلِّمْ عَلَى سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ

Tempe Mengandungi Kalsium Setanding Susu

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) telah berjaya membuktikan bahawa tempe mengandungi khasiat kalsium setanding susu. Dalam makanan penduduk Malaysia, tempe dikategorikan sebagai satu daripada sumber makanan kaya-kalsium di samping susu dan produk tenusu. Sudah diperakui bahawa susu dan produk tenusu adalah sumber terbaik kalsium dan ia amat penting untuk pertumbuhan dan kekuatan tulang.

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3 am

Malam semakin labuh

menenggelamkan segenap manusia dalam mimpinya

ada yang berjaga

mungkin menunggu kekasih hatinya pulang

atau ada yang bercakap-cakap dengan Tuhan sekarang

3 pagi,kawan..

dan tulisan itu tidak pernah memudar

mengharap kasih sang mata untuk terus menjamah

3 am. For this.

3 am. For this.


Abah, they said today is your day.

Father’s Day.

Everyday and every time is your day. Everyday I pray for you and everyday I love you.

I cant say with words how much I appreciate your existence in my life. InsyaALLAH,may Allah give me chance to portray it in other form someday. I had a plan for you and mom in the future 🙂

Unlike others, you are the one that teach me how to cook gulai and masak kurma. It is funny how we cooperate in the kitchen,huh? You also teach me how to operate the fishes fresh from market and every single thing you cook is super awesome! I’m writing this with ‘gulping’ ; remembering of every dishes you made.

You also the one that keep in patience beside me ; teaching me to drive. Haha love to see how worry you are when I made a turn.

It is too much things for me to write it all about your sacrifices along these 21 years.

I always pray so that your heart is keep in living and may we live again, together in Jannatul Firdaus afterwards. Ameen ya Rabbal’alamin.




Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow is my last papers. Scientific communication and Aquatic Vertebrate.

Huh. 2 papers in a time. Well I’m use to it these days.

Day is day and night is day. Hahah,become an owl with a bundle of notes and mind maps each night is not an exciting thing.

Too pack exam schedule is not effective at all. That’s what I felt. Trying to put more gap in between each exam is really really recommended. Plus, the subjects are intense enough. Our brain and body need rest and preparation too.

Its ok. Let bygone be bygone. Just try to adapt in it.

By the way, each day, I am a step closer to home. Will reach home this 27, insyaAllah. So, who want to visit me at that time or ‘beraya’ at my home, you are most welcome. 😀

I started to plan what I am going to do at home and it has been a while since I didnt watch any Horatio and CSI things. Haha! Hope the actions getting hot and curious! My brain also starting to plan some short stories and even planning to write a novel this holiday. Hope it is works. InsyaAllah.

Ok, till then. I have to do last preparations before entering the exam hall tomorrow. Pray for the best for me 🙂

Loser is not when you cannot answer your exam well. Loser is hen you lose faith in Allah.

Loser is not when you cannot answer your exam well. Loser is when you lose faith in Allah.

About her

I cant help but keep reminding her that to get knowledge and to make all the knowledge barakah and useful, patience and sincerity are really matter.

Besides reviewing all the subjects, she also have to keep the good relationship with Allah and help improving herself,too. The mounting exams are not only what matter. She seems to realise that above all, relationship with Allah is the key.

When she feels like a looser,again, I have to motivate her to the fullest. I have to tell her that to get knowledge ; it is not that easy. So, some sacrifices will do. To get information ; yep too much easy. Knowledge and information; she knew the differences.

She, recently, love to open her apartment’s door widely in the morning. Especially when everybody is still on their bed. She closes her eyes and took a deep fresh morning air before smiling to the clouds ; sometime its blue and sometimes the clouds are still dark. She just enjoy the feels. Feeling of being fresh before going mess.

She loves to give a pat on her left shoulder when she can solve a problem or finish some chapters. When she is in fully-motivated mode,she will  write some quotes in colourful papers and stick them somewhere.

I just love seeing her motivated.She has too many dreams and she know that everything can be possible.

Emotion disturbance is a quite familiar symptom for her these days. It is just her mixed feeling of everything. She loves to open up the old diaries and read again and again what she wrote in the past few years. Years that full of something that absence in her life now. Now, she has no diary because she really don’t have anything to write on. If she did, she will tear off the paper and dump it into the dustbin. She has really nothing to write. These years are not those years.

That’s all about her.

This is not her. Somewhere from tumblr.

This is not hers.Taken from somewhere  in tumblr.