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It comes to the end!


It has been a while since I didn’t write anything and when I’m going to type on, it just somewhat called ‘blank’.The idea, plot and everything related are not showered me down.

Few days back, this blog can’t be opened ; dont know why.

Ok,leave it. Actually, yesterday marked as our start of study week and Alhamdulillah, what ever I went through along these four semesters is going to end. I will become a final year student of Science Aquatic. *clap.

To say ‘ how fast time flies!” is lame enough. But, it does.I have to say it even it is lame 😛

So,it is study week. I have to focus and limit my exciting adrenaline since I will be home less than a month from now! (after 4 months,this is the longest time ever I’m being apart from my family). But before that, I’m going to Sabah with my fellas for 4 days. May Allah ease everything!

Just to say that, even sometime I have to gone through some bitter feelings through all this while, I’m just grateful that, this journey is too awesome.

Awesome in many ways.

May you and I will keep focus in finding Allah’s greatest love and at the same time passing all the ‘exams’ in this life with flying colours. Ameen.

Just to say that it is going near to the very end of my degree study.

Daisy. White and yellow is too awesome for a flower!

Daisy. White and yellow is too awesome for a flower.


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