Abah, they said today is your day.

Father’s Day.

Everyday and every time is your day. Everyday I pray for you and everyday I love you.

I cant say with words how much I appreciate your existence in my life. InsyaALLAH,may Allah give me chance to portray it in other form someday. I had a plan for you and mom in the future 🙂

Unlike others, you are the one that teach me how to cook gulai and masak kurma. It is funny how we cooperate in the kitchen,huh? You also teach me how to operate the fishes fresh from market and every single thing you cook is super awesome! I’m writing this with ‘gulping’ ; remembering of every dishes you made.

You also the one that keep in patience beside me ; teaching me to drive. Haha love to see how worry you are when I made a turn.

It is too much things for me to write it all about your sacrifices along these 21 years.

I always pray so that your heart is keep in living and may we live again, together in Jannatul Firdaus afterwards. Ameen ya Rabbal’alamin.



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