of Sabah – Last

The third day is the journey to Kundasang. Took about more than 2 hours but not exceed 3 hours 😀 Climbed upper, we turn off the air-cond since the air from the outside is super fresh and cool! Remind me of the Cameron Highland. It was quite a long time since I didn’t go to any highland.

The views and the scenery there are the one that I can’t forget. They are just extra beautiful! Even my camera can’t captured the beauty that I saw with own eyes. Haha. Seriously.

Well, first stop of us is at The Upside Down House. With the fees of RM10,I recommended that you don’t have to stop here. But, for us, its ok. This is our first time ^^

Well, as the name implies, everything inside the house is in upside down position. Yep, even refrigerator, toilet bowl, bed, and everything! Haha. Our head also upside down afterwards. dizzy! Hee

welcome! 😀
It is not natural phenomenon but invented by an engineer 


Our second stop is Pekan Nabalu. Tourists that headed to Kundasang usually will stop here for a while to snap some beautiful scenery here. We met artists! They are Halim Othman and Adibah Noor. Haha. See? They follow us 😛

with Adibah Noor and Halim Othman
with Adibah Noor and Halim Othman

Weather on that day was quite hazy and foggy which covered up the peak of the Kinabalu. But still, it was a beautiful shot.

Air became cooler and fresher when we stopped at Kinabalu Park. One of my favourite place ^^.


InsyaAllah, hope to reach here again to climb the Mount Kinabalu.  new target!

There, we met someone. He is Damili ;  a rescue ranger that live at the Mt. Kinabalu for 8 years. He is the one that pick heavy things and human up to the mountain and he is able to climb up just in one hour! Plus running. Hehe. *Clap*

with our friend aka tourist guide. Damili. like! Ponsikou! megla~ (Tq n wc in Dusun)
with our friend aka tourist guide. Damili. like!
Ponsikou! megla~ (Tq n wc in Dusun)

Actually, Damili contributed a lot while we were in Kundasang.He can be called as our tourist guide since he brought us here and there and explained this and that. Talkative!

Our next stop is Desa Cattle Dairy Farm aka New Zealand of Malaysia. Hihi.

This is also one of our favourite place! The scenery here is superbly more than beautiful. Felt like in New Zealand. We saw how the milk of the cows being extracted and processed, and of course, we drank the milk and tasted the ice cream that made from the milk! How to say it? Yummy! 😀

the view of the grass field :)
the view of the grass field 🙂
they line up!
they line up!
Man behind the scene :D I mean, the staffs that responsible in processing the milks.
 staffs that responsible in processing the milks.

It was a rainy day, so we can’t do a lot of posing activities on the grass field 😛

Next destination was flower garden. I love to see the bright, fresh flowers. But, no tulip was planted. It is ok. Will found tulips in Turkey later, heheh. InsyaAllah.

one f the beautiful flowers. A lot more pics, but I am tired to upload :P
one of the beautiful flowers.

Return back to our Hotel in Kundasang. We stayed at Strawberry Garden Hotel and no air cond or fan. Naturally aerated. Love! The result was, we over slept and it was hard to open up our eyes because it was so comfortable! Haha. Open up the door of our room, a beautiful mountain can be seen. How we wished to build our own house here in Kundasang, The worse excitement was the decision to marry with Sabahan and stay there forever. Is it possible? 😛

Fresh plucked Strawberries.
Fresh plucked Strawberries.
Ouuhhh delicacy!
Ouuhhh delicacy!
Rainbow behind us! Perfect rainbow :)
Rainbow behind us! Perfect rainbow 🙂
Mount Kinabalu. Clearer than before 🙂 We can see the peak. One day, we want to conquer that peak!
before return to KK, visiting this war memorial. I can guest that there was a tragic event happened  there few years and years back.
before return to KK, visiting this war memorial.

After half and a day spending time in the lovely Kundasang, finally we were down to Kota Kinabalu,again. This time is for shopping and packing our goods, ready to return to our hometown.

It was quite sad to leave Sabah. Err, I mean still a lot of places that we haven’t go due to the very short time. Ok, next time, we spend in Sabah for 3 months ok? Practical. Hehe

To be short, this trip is a memorable trip. “Next destination is Semporna!”, said Fiqah with glimmering eyes.Haha.

InsyaAllah. lets goooo!

And saving,too. 😛


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