did you confident enough?


As my eyes were “walking” and “wandering” through website by website, I bounded to an awesome article entitled “10 ways to tell if you are writing with confidence” at my favourite blog of Writes Write .

There are some clues that reflect the writer’s confidence. They are :

  1. are willing to take chances and try something new in their writing. They listen to suggestions. They don’t take criticism personally.
  2. mostly write in the active voice. Their characters are the stars of the show.
  3. write in specifics. They don’t use modifiers and qualifiers to hide what they’re trying to say.
  4. don’t overwrite. When they’ve said what they need to say, they stop.
  5. use the five senses on every page. They have learnt how to stop telling and they have mastered the art of showing.
  6. use strong verbs, and stop using unnecessary adverbs. They do not pad their writing.
  7. write with sentences that vary in length and structure. They develop a rhythm. They watch the right hand side of the page to make sure there is enough white space.
  8. have a writing routine. They embrace the discipline of a writer’s life by sticking to a schedule.
  9. stop being defensive about their writing. They listen to constructive criticism. They do not attack people who think or write differently to them.
  10. have a tangible writing goal, with achievable deadlines.

World is a canvas and we are the writers 🙂



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