Today, I read some golden word by Hlovate that make my hand dancing on this keyboard.

Sunrise means hope. It is mean that Allah gives you one more chance to repent

Nothing special in this quote but if we sit down and do some reflections, it means a world.

It means more than a world,for me. I am a sinner and I am scared to death if there is no sunrise tomorrow. Human is human. We make mistakes by mistakes. Yet, we should learn and repent from that mistake. Sometimes, after the mistake, we tend to repeat and repeat again ; not because we want to. But, it is our nafs. Nafs is too strong and we have to be a strong person to overcome that nafs.

But, alas, our iman has its up and down.Today we repent and tomorrow we repeat. Sometimes, we cried and prayed so that we can be a better slave of Allah but another day, we might repeat the wrong deed.

I wonder, how this ‘phenomenon’ can be possibly happen.Just one answer for that. It can occur when our heart is not strong and might be there is a gap, a hollow gap between we and our Creator. When that occur, the hollow gap will accumulate poison dusts which will then cover up our heart and know what? We must repair and tighten that gap, by any mean.

Today’s sunset ; let it happen. Let us celebrate our new sunrise tomorrow. Open wide our hands and talk to HIM. May Allah forgives us for every single mistake we made.

I cant wait for tomorrow’s sunrise. How I wish that the sun is still rise from the east.



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