Flyer/Poster maker

Bismillah. Happy 13th day of Ramadhan!

Well, today I will make a quick review about Flyer/Poster Maker application. I don’t know if it is on android market too, but what I am talking now is on web. I’m sure that we are not quite comfortable to make flyer or thingy like that on a small flat screen with our fat thumb,etc. hahah yeah.I am talking about me. 

I was surprised that there are a lot of free application to make flyers,posters,cards and so on these days. Aren’t that simple? Few years back, I am familiar with Hallmark Cards which was installed in my family’s PC. Now, the installation was somehow gone and today I am searching for another new interesting application that offers me the same thing.

and I met! With my very lack of IT ability and whatsoever involved in media making, finally I produced a flyer of my own!haha a big success in less than 45 minutes. *clap please*

What is interesting is that, it doesn’t need you to install into your laptop or PC.Enough if you have WiFi connection and you can start uploading and designing.

I tried another few applications that offers the same, but it was not that easy as Wanna see the product? I knew you can do better from this since it is my-less than 45 minute- work.


Be healthy with HERBALIFE. Interested? Ask me! 🙂


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