The Week the Women Went


Can you imagine a world without women?

Lifetime Channel presents a daring social experiment “The Week the Women Went” focused in Yemassee, South Carolina. Mothers, fiancée,grandmother, and wives were told to leave the town for a week! So, the town will be like a “men town” afterwards.

It is an eye opener to see the programme! The fathers, brothers,sons,grandpas and boyfriends seems so messy and their home are just like having an explosion! They have to take care of their small sons and daughters, changing their clothes and diaper, shopping groceries while keep their eyes on the active kids, waking them up to the school, settling their silly problems and so many more. Haha. I love to see men without women.They begging their women to return home soon and promise to help in doing those things.

No woman, no nagging. That is what most of the men said, but at the end of the day, they admit that they really miss it.

When watching that, I remembered a book that I once read. The book said that women are able to do multiple things in a time but men can’t. Women can cook while radio is on, and at the same time talking on her phone while reading the recipe! Men have to do thing one by one orderly (maybe some men can do it,too). All these are caused by our different brain architecture and coordination. For women, they see things deeply and think a lot! and feel a lot, too 😀 That is maybe one of the reason why women are easily cry and sensitive. They can detect change in sound tone, face mimic and any discomfort feeling like anger, hate, love and so on. While men, they made it simple as possible and hardly being sensitive like woman (however, some men does).

Well, no fault on men. They were just designed like that and that is what make this world balance,right? But, woman love man that put their effort in understanding them, and to feel like what they feel. Try to understand women. I’m sure its hard 😛

Till then,happy women day! #not today

haha. that's the biggest war of women :P

haha. that’s the biggest war of women 😛


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