We are amazing!

Amazing facts about human body

1 Men lose about 40 hairs in a day and women lose 70 hairs in a day.

2 Your blood has same amount of salts in it as an ocean has.

3 You are taller in the morning than you are at night.

4 Heart circulates blood in your body about 1000 times each day.

5 Eyelashes last about 150 days.

6 There are 500 hairs in an eyebrow.

7 The average human body contains approximately 100 billion nerve cells.

8 It is not possible to sneeze with open eyes.

9 Bones are 4 times stronger than concrete.

10 Average life span of a taste bud is only 10 days.

11 You are born without knee caps and they don’t appear until age of 2 to 6 years.

12 Children grow faster in springtime

13 Eyes stay the same size throughout life but nose and ears never stop growing.

14 We born with 300 bones but end up with 206 bones when we are adult.

15 Human skull is made up of 26 different bones.

16 Hair is made of same substance as fingernails.

17 Our entire body functions stop when we sneeze, even your heart beat.

18 Tongue is the strongest muscle in human body.

19 Typical person goes to bathroom six times a day.

20 Food takes 7 seconds to reach stomach from mouth.

21 Children have more taste buds than adults.

22 Sneeze blows air out of nose at the speed of 100 miles per hour.

23 Largest muscle in your body is one on which you are sitting on.

24 Smallest bone of body is in ears.

SubhanAllah. We are amazing, the best creation of Allah 🙂


Wasiat Imam Shafie

Bismillah. Moga bermanfaat.

Sebelum Imam Syafie pulang ke rahmatullah, beliau sempat berwasiat kepada para muridnya dan umat Islam seluruhnya. Berikut ialah kandungan wasiat tersebut:

“Barangsiapa yang ingin meninggalkan dunia dalam keadaan selamat maka hendaklah ia mengamalkan sepuluh perkara.”


Iaitu:  Mengurangkan tidur, mengurangkan makan, mengurangkan percakapan dan berpada-pada dengan rezeki yang ada.


Iaitu: Mengqadhakan kewajipan-kewajipan yang tertinggal, mendapatkan kemaafan dari orang yang kita zalimi, membuat persediaan untuk mati dan merasa cinta kepada Allah.


Iaitu : Membuang tabiat suka menabur fitnah, membuang tabiat kencing merata-rata, memperbanyakkan solat Tahajjud dan membantu orang yang dizalimi.


Iaitu : Tidak berdusta, berkata benar, meninggalkan maksiat dan nasihat menasihati.


Iaitu : Menahan kemarahan, banyak berzikir, mengikhlaskan amalan dan sanggup menanggung kesusahan.


Iaitu : Membuang tabiat suka mengumpat, bersikap warak, suka membantu orang beriman dan suka berjemaah.


Iaitu : Menangis lantaran takutkan Allah SWT, berbuat baik kepada ibu bapa, bersedekah secara terang-terangan serta sembunyi dan memperelok akhlak.


Iaitu : Redha dengan Qadha’ Allah, bersabar menerima bala, bersyukur ke atas nikmat Allah dan bertaubat dari melakukan maksiat.


Iaitu : Berselawat ke atas baginda, berpegang dengan syariat, bergantung kepada as-Sunnah (Hadith), menyayangi para sahabat, dan bersaing dalam mencari keredhaan Allah.


Iaitu : Mengajak manusia ke arah kebaikan, mencegah manusia dari kemungkaran, menyukai ketaatan dan membenci kemaksiatan.



You must be kidding me!

Bismillah. Hari ni bukak fb, ternampak Tasya update pasal Final Year Report, starting next semester.  Left aside the fast heart throbbed yang dah macam drum dipukul bertalu-talu, tiba-tiba tersedar yang “I didn’t ready  yet!” dan mulalah nak berpuisi dan bermetafora bahawa betapa waktu itu berjalan dengan cepat seperti bla..bla..bla..

Proposal presentation: October

Submit progress report:  December / January

Submit FYP report: May

Industrial Training:  June

Tadah peluh dalam besen.

Huih. Macam tak percaya. Takpa-takpa, I can feel like everything will be just fine. Ready or not, it just a week from now for me to start a new sem.

dah tu, tak reti-reti nak siapkan mental,fizikal dan rohani?heh.

tapi, masa ada dekat rumah ni lah nak tengok CSI, NCIS, Discovery, Lifetime, Masterchef Australia, Jason Down Under, Anna Olson, Jamie Oliver, Animal Planet, History, Karoot Komedia, Inside, Banged up Abroad, Locked up Abroad etc. kan?

ok. Pengsan.

How to read?


Today I realised how much this world has changed and one of the biggest change is in the way of “how we read”. If those days in our past, the only way for us to read is to buy a printed book/ newspaper/ magazine/ comics/ novel but today we have a thousands and one ways of reading. Most of them is through screen! Regardless they are laptop screen, tablet screen or smart phone screen. It is all about screen. and touch screen too. 😛

Oh wow! Civilisation and modernisation are in the air. When I started to make up my mind to review and read all the journals and research papers that I downloaded and saved in my document’s folder, I started to think which is the best reading way. Well, of course everybody (me included) think that the best way ever to read is by sit up straight, have your papers on your study table,a pen or highlighter on your hand and jot down any short note or important points in a note-book.

Yes,it is true.

But, what about people like me? I mean, I have a mountain of journal papers and each of them consists about 40 pages,maybe more. Do I need to print out each of them and start to read in that formal way? It will be hundreds of pages which then I need to pack and put into my luggage to bring those ‘friends’ into my university? Not to mention, I’m home now. And not to mention again, I have only limited “kilograms” to bring on flight.

With all that thought on my mind, I was thinking about having a tablet, Amazon Kindle or Samsung Galaxy Note or whatever gadget with a digital pen so that I can read as if the screen are paper. Where ever I go, I can read, underline,highlight, and jot down the important points without carrying the mountain of papers.

How I wish to have one!

or maybe there’s some tips to help me out from this ‘simple’ problem? Well, it is my habit of making simple decision (like how to read) into a huge and major problem.

Till then. Happy reading!

Have a seat, and think.

I, actually dont have time to write on how funny our life is.

I, actually dont have time to write on how strange and weird our life is.

If I do, this litle space and even the whole canvas of the world will not bear it.

Because it is funny,strange and weird on how our feeling can barely cheat on us. Sometimes, we are not so sure what we are feeling. We are in puzzle ; thinking on “is it real feeling” or it is just a thing for us to “fill in the blank”.

Maybe all what we need is TIME. Sit back and think deeply what we are really want.

it is like sailing in an ocean. You have to know where to go. You have to own,at least a compass. I mean, a goal.
it is like sailing in an ocean. You have to know where to go. You have to own,at least a compass. I mean, a goal.

of Eid 2013


Here it is, my Eid story and pic. How grateful I am to be home during every Ramadhan and Eid. Alhamdulillah. Eid for me, beside celebrating our victory of a month fasting, it is also for family gathering.


This is one of my favourite family pics. Having 2 dad and 2 moms, I am a happy and proud daughter. I hope that this relationship will be never end and may we have chance to live together again in Jannatul Firdaus in hereafter.

A lot of peoples get married during this Eid and I really enjoyed eating the tasty lauk kenduri.Haha! And at my cousin’s ceremony, there was an auntie asking me when will I get married. Haha. Well, as you reach 20+ years old, there will be a lot of people asking about your personal life.

I hope I know the answer too,auntie. hehe.But, surely, I have a mountain of dreams and things to do before living with my another half.

So, that was my very short post about my Eid. Happy Eidulfitri! May we have chance to meet Ramadhan again! Ameen.


Apa khabar kanvas kosongku?

Aku merindukan gelak tawamu dan kelincahanmu 

bermain dengan tanda noktah dan koma lalu melakar sejuta cerita

aku juga rindu senyuman yang berenergi itu

Kau tahu, kanvas?

aku sudah menghantar pesan angin supaya dapat kau dilakar kembali

dan kosong. Tiada balas.

Hanya aku yang terkocoh-kocoh menunggu pesan balas angin itu

entahlah kenapa.

Semoga angin itu cepat menghantarnya kepadaku.

Aku sudah terlalu rindu.

atau mungkin sahaja angin itu takkan kembali.