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Alhamdulillah. Time really flies! A lame quote but it is badly true! haha. Tomorrow is my last day of working at Butik Maya. Although it is just 2 weeks-work, I got quite a lot of experiences and self-building lessons.And, of course the largest part is communication!

Being a salesgirl and can be said as “promoter”, it really needs high confidence level and friendly approach. *which I weak the most*. This work, somehow helps me to improve that side of mine. Not completely changes me, but at least, I got some input on how to approach people and how to see the reaction of people whether they love us to be near or they need us to be at some distance.

I could see and understand different peoples and sometime, they saw me as invisible entity. Even when I greet and ask them, they will act as I am not exist! They chatting around, leaving me talking alone. But when they want to know something about clothes’ sizes and colours, they started to ask me. And I am become exist again at that time. Haha,well it hurts me but yeah, it raises up my confidence level to talk more to them 😛 *but sometime I hate those people and just entertain them*

There were also people with high confidence level,higher that Al Burj in Dubai,perhaps. These peoples are so stubborn and really want to try a smaller cloth than they are ; even if I said that it would not be fitted.Plus, people that enjoying try hundreds of clothes without buying any. That was a really annoying moments ever! I have to fold or hang those clothes again and again. To be a worker, it is not too interesting. I would more prefer to be a boss. Hihi. InsyaAllah.pray for me!

A lot more lessons that I got.Over all, it was a great and deadly tiring job.

The boutique also provides online services. Check this out >>

Till next story 🙂



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