How to read?


Today I realised how much this world has changed and one of the biggest change is in the way of “how we read”. If those days in our past, the only way for us to read is to buy a printed book/ newspaper/ magazine/ comics/ novel but today we have a thousands and one ways of reading. Most of them is through screen! Regardless they are laptop screen, tablet screen or smart phone screen. It is all about screen. and touch screen too. 😛

Oh wow! Civilisation and modernisation are in the air. When I started to make up my mind to review and read all the journals and research papers that I downloaded and saved in my document’s folder, I started to think which is the best reading way. Well, of course everybody (me included) think that the best way ever to read is by sit up straight, have your papers on your study table,a pen or highlighter on your hand and jot down any short note or important points in a note-book.

Yes,it is true.

But, what about people like me? I mean, I have a mountain of journal papers and each of them consists about 40 pages,maybe more. Do I need to print out each of them and start to read in that formal way? It will be hundreds of pages which then I need to pack and put into my luggage to bring those ‘friends’ into my university? Not to mention, I’m home now. And not to mention again, I have only limited “kilograms” to bring on flight.

With all that thought on my mind, I was thinking about having a tablet, Amazon Kindle or Samsung Galaxy Note or whatever gadget with a digital pen so that I can read as if the screen are paper. Where ever I go, I can read, underline,highlight, and jot down the important points without carrying the mountain of papers.

How I wish to have one!

or maybe there’s some tips to help me out from this ‘simple’ problem? Well, it is my habit of making simple decision (like how to read) into a huge and major problem.

Till then. Happy reading!


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