Heart feeling

Threw my mind straight away to my home, inside my home ; at least I can feel some ‘fresh air’ in. At least I can feel a relief feeling even it doesnt stay long because I have to open my eye back into my reality now.

Miss my family? I dont have to claim so because everybody does. I miss how the family bond pull us together. Like, there’s a day when we had a serious quarrel, but at the end of the day we are still laughing together. We had never sulk or felt to each other (seriously felt – the rest is just for FUN), maybe because we are just in trio. Nothing is so serious to bring it far away into our personal heart. No heart feeling at all, like not talking in a day due to something, no,never.

So, I admit that. No other place like home. Home is when there are no heart feeling because you understand each other so much. I miss my home. I am not belong to where I sit now,it is too much pain and hypocrisy. Pretending that I am that strong, somehow is tiring.





Life as I knew it – it is miserable. No matter how hard I put my schedule on to my study table, wall around my room – still, it is messy,complicated. Two days of this weekend, went out of campus, and return back late in evening.

Lately, invested much in a lot of things which I believed is very useful in the future (not in stock market,etc). I thought Sunday would be a day where I can match up all the missing puzzle in my dear proposal, but not until my housemates ask me out, helping them to drive a manual car. So, back in my room after almost 5 hours of outing with them, i am so restless and sleepy due to my very insufficient night sleep. I dont really know why, I just become too active at night. Something like bat, or owl,maybe.

Tomorrow is Monday, and will be a productive day for me. I will try to meet my supervisor and show him my brand new edited proposal. Just now, just bought my first thriller book entitled Sworn to Silence. I cant hold my self from buying that book even I made a promise before entering Summer to not buy any book,yet. But its okay, it is worth buying at RM8. Now, trying to set my self back into place. This week and onwards will be a huge challenge. Those who can adapt the most, can stay survive. Adaptive radiation? I am sure I will be the one that survive. See ya.


the kids


See this cutiess? Haha.When I opened my picture folders, found this picture and something wandered around my mind.

They asked me to put make-up on them. Since I am not (yet) into that stuffs, so, I was quite blurr like “really?” “no,no, you is better without make-up kids”. Haha! But, my reasons were not strong enough or maybe the hormone of being girls come out too fast inside them, so I tried.

They gave me a pensel celak, if I’m not mistaken and I asked them how should I put it.Then, they showed me and I did that slowly as I never did any on mine. After that, blushers, lipstic and you name it, they know everything. Haha how cute.

and I. How weird – am I really 20’s? But no lipstick nor compact powder. Really? haha kids,teach me please.


Malaysia – Japan


Today marked the opening ceremony of the Japanese Film Festival, held at GSC, CityOne Mall.The objectives of this festival is to build a good relationship between Malaysia and Japan, besides introducing each other’s  unique cultures. My sensei asked for any five volunteers that can attend the festival, and I am one of them. Nothing to pay, just arrange our own transportation ( how I wish to have my own car,here! ) and well, we watch a movie entitled “Ken and Mary”!

This movie actually will be on Japan’s cinema few weeks later, but we’re given speciality to watch it earlier just now. Awesome movie after all,worth watching! Besides enjoying the story line, we actually can figure out some simple sentences and writings that we learned before. Now I can see the joy beyond learning all that.

Made new friends as well, Auntie Angeline and her husband. They are too kind and friendly. Oh, she’s from Kedah and married to Sarawakian. She even asked for my number so that when she return Kedah, she would contact and meet me. Look forward to meet her again,what a nice auntie she is.

I think most of the men in this century are being too open. Know what? We have no interest in shaking your hands. We are not used to it. Outspoken enough? heh. I saw that as a huge challenge for muslimah that’s living in this challenging century. We should be strong enough to say no to the “hand”. Peace 🙂



First time!


Finally! Given a chance to taste razor clams or so called ambal. Above is razor clams curry. Not so bad, I think, but it gives weird textures like flexible muscle – more or less like squid, a long elastic squid.

Knew this invertebrates since taking Aquatic as my degree course, razor clams also tend to be bioindicator for water quality since their habitat is just at the shoreline. It has siphon that extend out of its body – responsible for certain particular function.

So, out of 5, my taste bud give 3! Not that bad by the way.




remembered one of my old friend that love to say “everything will fall into  place, at the right time”.

In response to one of my fb’s friend that keep updating, worrying about not meeting his/her life mate yet. It gets irritating and annyoing, like you dont believe in Allah’s arrangement. Keep calm, HE provides the best for us.


Artikel, Thoughts

nak jadi seperti siapa?


Tak ramai yang dapat apa yang diimpikan. Sama macam bila ramai yang jawab nak jadi doktor bila cikgu-cikgu di sekolah tanya “apa cita-cita kamu?” dan end up bila cikgu-cikgu tu jumpa balik those students, ada yang jadi arkitek, engineer, cikgu, saintis marine, dan bermacam lagi jenis pekerjaan,and they love it! Apa jadi dengan cita-cita nak jadi doktor yang dulu?

Memang tak jadi apa, seems doktor bukan ‘untuk semua orang’. dan Allah lebih tahu cita-cita apa yang lebih sesuai dengan kamu. Soal mencari identiti sendiri, kadang-kadang kita deadly nak jadi macam seseorang.Seseorang yang lain – yang kita admire gila-gila dan rasa “bestnya jadi dia”.

Kalau semua orang nak jadi macam diri “dia”, siapa yang nak jadi “kita”? Haa, nampak tak permainan nya disitu? Entah-entah, ada someone else kat planet ni nak jadi macam kita. Cuma kita sahaja yang tak tahu. I mean, macam mungkin ada sorang budak Afrika ni nak jadi macam kita, makan minum 3 kali sehari, pakai cukup dan ada tempat tinggal yang proper?

Diri kita juga ialah “someone” yang akan mengarahkan kepada benda-benda yang baru. Maksudnya, kita bakal mencipta apa yang orang lain tidak cipta. Hanya akan jadi begitu apabila kita betul-betul menjadi diri kita sendiri, percaya diri dan kemampuan sendiri. Jangan takut untuk mencipta sesuatu yang baru – sesuatu yang semua orang di planet bumi ini tak jangka dan tak terfikir.

dan bila begitu..

Boomm! We are really ‘someone’!

Jadi, jangan putus asa dan berdoalah. Kita ialah ‘seseorang’ pada jangka masa ermm mungkin 3,4,5 tahun akan datang? atau tahun depan? bergantung kepada how aggresive the changes we make. Jadi, tak salah nak mimpi-mimpi tingi. The worst can happen to you pun mungkin kawan-kawan akan gelak sampai jatuh rahang mereka bila dengar ‘mimpi’ kita.heh

Akhir kata, jom jadi diri sendiri, dan mula berinvestasi untuk masa hadapan.



their tongue


The whole class burst into laugh when sensei (teacher) introduced our next new vocab of Japanese today. It is about shusshin which means state. Malaysia’s state – Japanese cant say our state well. Their tongue is not that ‘soft’ to say letter like “r”, “l” , “ng” or some other pronunciation that not ‘fit’ with their tongue. Maybe we, Malaysian also have that inability – in fact, every races, or citizens have particular weakness. Surely related to our mother-tongue language, lifestyles, cultures and whatnot. Shortly, we are different.That’s unique about human, and life.

So, Japanese cant say KEDAH well? haha. They said Kedah as Kuda. Sou desu ka? (oh,really?)

Sou desu ne! (yeah,right!) they cant. Let me give some other examples.

Johor = Joho-ru

Kelantan = Kurantan

Penang = Penan

Perak = Pera

Kuala Lumpur = Kuara runpu-ru

Putrajaya = Putorajaya

Perlis = Pururisu

Sarawak = Sarawaku

There’s nothing to laugh on,right? *although we laughed so hard* That’s their uniqueness after all. Suddenly remembered a Japanese guy that I met at Sabah during my very short vacation with Fiqah and her sis. He cant even speak in English ; just few hand symbols and other no-sounds communication. Yet, he travelled by himself alone! He gave his email to us, and we never contacted him.

Today, all the 46 syllable finished. What a squeeze brain I have!