First day

Bismillah. Hajimemashite!

My first class just now was Remote Sensing and GIS, followed by Japanese Language. I love to take my first class into account just to guess how tough the subject is. What can I say, Remote Sensing & GIS  is a tough subject  not to mention actually, all the subjects in this semester are quite ‘killing’. They are kind of something that I never heard of. But, it depends also on my determination and enthusiasm on those subjects.

3 hours lecture. Wow! It really tortures my brain, plus with the compact and dense lecture notes. Well, if I am a lecturer, I prefer to give my students a mind-map-note. Or, my students should summarised by themselves into their own mind map? Haha, whatever, but the point is ; 3 hours for a lecture, Really?

I once heard and learnt about Remote Sensing when I was in second or third semesters in Physical Oceanography. It involved something that I can’t physically see and involved spatial ability to imagine the process, how it works, and so on. This semester, Remote Sensing become more violent. I have to ‘dive in’ deeper into this subject and try to relate to my course. It is interesting to know how modern the technology is ;  especially in scientific study. Remote sensing is an application that use electromagnetic energy to ‘translate’ a particular area like forests or coral reef into a map, without any contact with them. From the image, we can know a lot of particular details. Awesome isnt? I think, if there’s such application to scan on peoples, maybe we can know their true personalities, intentions and feelings inside them, that are impossible to see with naked eyes, right? 😀

Then, Japanese language by Najwa sensei. Haha, how on earth I am thinking to  take that language. I never included the languange in my must-know-languange wish list. So, it is called destiny. Maybe, one find day I will further my study in Japan? Who knows? At the moment Najwa sensei asked my class about Japan, my fellows classmates told her about anime, this particular cartoons, that particular actor/ actress/ singer/ and whatsoever and I was like, walking in the dark, waiting the storm to end. I am so ZERO about those Japan stuffs and field. What I knew is there’s certain cartoon like Doraemon, Detective Conan and the other classics-childhood cartoons.

and the ‘storm’ ended. Started to learn Japanese like I was in kindergarten,learning ABC. Sensei asked us to buy a book with boxes ; just like a Mathematic exercise book to practice on alphabets and how they should be sounded out. Not to forget , a pocket Vocab book. The mechanisms in learning third language, maybe I can apply the method that I used to learn Arabic when I was in school six or five years back.

It is interesting in getting the new knowledges, and doing things we never done. The ecstacy in pushing ourselves to a certain limit is just awesome. For every thing happen, it has its own first time. So, I should not scared on the new thing.



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