their tongue


The whole class burst into laugh when sensei (teacher) introduced our next new vocab of Japanese today. It is about shusshin which means state. Malaysia’s state – Japanese cant say our state well. Their tongue is not that ‘soft’ to say letter like “r”, “l” , “ng” or some other pronunciation that not ‘fit’ with their tongue. Maybe we, Malaysian also have that inability – in fact, every races, or citizens have particular weakness. Surely related to our mother-tongue language, lifestyles, cultures and whatnot. Shortly, we are different.That’s unique about human, and life.

So, Japanese cant say KEDAH well? haha. They said Kedah as Kuda. Sou desu ka? (oh,really?)

Sou desu ne! (yeah,right!) they cant. Let me give some other examples.

Johor = Joho-ru

Kelantan = Kurantan

Penang = Penan

Perak = Pera

Kuala Lumpur = Kuara runpu-ru

Putrajaya = Putorajaya

Perlis = Pururisu

Sarawak = Sarawaku

There’s nothing to laugh on,right? *although we laughed so hard* That’s their uniqueness after all. Suddenly remembered a Japanese guy that I met at Sabah during my very short vacation with Fiqah and her sis. He cant even speak in English ; just few hand symbols and other no-sounds communication. Yet, he travelled by himself alone! He gave his email to us, and we never contacted him.

Today, all the 46 syllable finished. What a squeeze brain I have!



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