Life as I knew it – it is miserable. No matter how hard I put my schedule on to my study table, wall around my room – still, it is messy,complicated. Two days of this weekend, went out of campus, and return back late in evening.

Lately, invested much in a lot of things which I believed is very useful in the future (not in stock market,etc). I thought Sunday would be a day where I can match up all the missing puzzle in my dear proposal, but not until my housemates ask me out, helping them to drive a manual car. So, back in my room after almost 5 hours of outing with them, i am so restless and sleepy due to my very insufficient night sleep. I dont really know why, I just become too active at night. Something like bat, or owl,maybe.

Tomorrow is Monday, and will be a productive day for me. I will try to meet my supervisor and show him my brand new edited proposal. Just now, just bought my first thriller book entitled Sworn to Silence. I cant hold my self from buying that book even I made a promise before entering Summer to not buy any book,yet. But its okay, it is worth buying at RM8. Now, trying to set my self back into place. This week and onwards will be a huge challenge. Those who can adapt the most, can stay survive. Adaptive radiation? I am sure I will be the one that survive. See ya.


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