Heart feeling

Threw my mind straight away to my home, inside my home ; at least I can feel some ‘fresh air’ in. At least I can feel a relief feeling even it doesnt stay long because I have to open my eye back into my reality now.

Miss my family? I dont have to claim so because everybody does. I miss how the family bond pull us together. Like, there’s a day when we had a serious quarrel, but at the end of the day we are still laughing together. We had never sulk or felt to each other (seriously felt – the rest is just for FUN), maybe because we are just in trio. Nothing is so serious to bring it far away into our personal heart. No heart feeling at all, like not talking in a day due to something, no,never.

So, I admit that. No other place like home. Home is when there are no heart feeling because you understand each other so much. I miss my home. I am not belong to where I sit now,it is too much pain and hypocrisy. Pretending that I am that strong, somehow is tiring.



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