First Sampling


Alhamdulillah, went for my first sampling at Panchor Hotspring. It is not intended to,frankly. Dr just planned to do a short recci on my study site,but the lab assistants brought all the instruments needed (actually Dyana and Fiqah asked to). So, I have my 26 samples to be process. I cant imagine how ‘sticky’ I am to the laboratory afterwards. I need to do all the permanent slides, shower them with Hydrogen Peroxide, and observe my dear diatoms with microscope. Me with my mini businesses like printing and Herbalife, and endless addiction of reading and writing. Everything just mixed up. But, I love what I am doing. I love how the busy-ness smell in the air.

I have my First Japanese assessment today ; introducing my self in Japanese Language. Pray so that I can finish up my words fluently! *I hope this assessment will not conducted in front of the class*

Till then, keep motivated 🙂


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