logbook – page #



Alhamdulillah.Things get quite organised today even I’ve another mountain of endless works to do.What a blessed Jumaat 🙂

Starting to “decorate” my  FYP logbook (dont have to actually) just because l love to see everything in right order and beautifully decorated to invite my beautiful moods, in return.

As l write page numbers on every page of the book, I stared at the blank white page. Page of 113 in Results section : I dont know what will I write on the page later on.It reminds me of the nature law of life – full of surprise.

I cant deny it. Life is full of surprises. When the time is come, the page will be filled and life ; it goes on. That’s the simplest formula of life. Hope everything will  go just smooth and fine.

oh by the way, yesterday 3 Oct was my mom’s birthday. Hope the cute gift can speak how much I love her. But, no. Nothing could tell how much I love her,no word could do.

She is one of the reasons why I wake up strong and keep motivated. Insya Allah will bring mak abah to their umrah and haji. Pray for me. Ameen Ya Rabbala’lamin


4 thoughts on “logbook – page #

  1. Totally forgot about logbook…thanks for reminding 🙂 So much work to do…let’s keep the spirit up…as the Africans like to say, calm sea won’t make a good sailor 🙂


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