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Monday today


Today is a good Monday. With not much over crowded students walking here and there, I feel much better than they were around. I hate crowds as I hate having bunga cengkih in my rice. Haha. I can’t see any relation between them. Congested people make me hard to breath and my eyes are tired seeing so many things. That’s one of the reason why I occasionally went to Bazar Ramadhan which became a huge surprise to some of my friends.

This morning, I went lab for the permanent slide prep session with my supervisor. He is so nice to demonstrate all the processes that needed to be carried out. By using Naphrax solution as the mounting agent, I think its high refractive index really helps in making the view clearer. Today is also marked my first time viewed the samples under 1000x lens magnification using oil immersion. Everything seems quite easy and how I hope that I can graduate on time.

Surprised that Underwater replied my email that quick. They asked me to send them a letter from faculty itself. But, I am still not sure whether I will be doing my internship there. I am thinking about…Manukan Island.

There’s something about Manukan Island, surely not just because Azrin who created a bunch of controversies. I wonder what he is up to now. The last time I saw him at the Island was fascinating. He is a truly expert. Underneath Manukan Island’s water is a dreamland. It is blissful to see all the beautiful marine creatures and habitats especially corals. Azrin used to dived in and grab up some sea cucumbers and starfishes for me to touch. It was a dreamland, indeed.

But the connection was lost back then.



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