we are weak


Actually this subject had been meandered around me since a long time ago and this subject come up into surface again recently. It is about how weak we are to change something. To change something, indeed inner strength should be polished up because without any bravery, we can’t change even a single thing. It is true that Allah is the one that change human’s life and fate, but we also play a major role in shaping our surrounding community. What are they doing, what are they know and how far they concern about sensitivity’s matter and so on had been a part of our responsibilities and most of us take it for granted. It is not that we take it for granted actually, but we don’t have any strength to change our community. We even afraid to give it a try. We are weak.

Obviously I am talking about myself. But, I know some people have the same problem with me.

Let us take a simple instance.

Daily prayers.

It is surprisingly knowing that people who we admired and loved is taking easy of their daily prayers. They pray when they’re free and they forgot about the prayer as they busy. I don’t see their busyness as busy as what our Prophet experienced of. Then, I come out with a simple conclusion that they actually don’t love to pray and thinking leaving a pray doesn’t mean anything. The simpler conclusion is that they are not in love with Allah. Their heart in solemnly dry, they sink into the sweetness of this world and forget about our heading destination.

It is sadder when this thing happen in our most beloved persons like our own family and besties. Changing them as hard as moving a very heavy stone or drilling something with our bare hands. There are some possibilities when we doing such actions. Either our own hands bloody hurt or the drilling doesn’t give any results due to the thickness of the surface. No matter how much we are trying to move the heavy stone, it doesn’t move. It stay still and at one point, we decided to leave it all alone, giving up.

Nature of human’s heart is FRAGILE. Sometimes, when we complained about how they seldomly pray, or invite them to pray together, we will be misjudged. Then, the worst thing will be followed like hating each other, saying bad things and even more worst is our good relationship with them will be slowly rotten. It is complicated to think.

Thus,the solution is that, we can never do it alone. Then it comes the importance of our daily dua. Besides our hints and invitation for them to perform prayers, our own silent dua is deadly required.

The first hundreds attempts may not work, because only Allah hold the key of hidayah. How hard we put our effort on, the key is at Allah’s hand. HE is the one that capable to open and soften someone’s heart. While, we shed our tears off, keep on trying and praying.

It reminds me of a verse in Quran that said :

Indeed, [O Muhammad], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom HE wills. And HE is most knowing of the [rightly] guided (Al Qasas ; 56)

Pray so that we will be in safe environment that sensitive to our daily prayers, aurah and Islamic regulation. Hope everyone that we love, we will be meet again in Jannatul Firdaus, insyaAllah



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