L & L


Sesederhana embun yang hinggap ditepian daun dan tanah yang sabar menunggunya jatuh

Sesederhana mata yang berkedip menyambut pagi dan daun jendela yang mengintip matahari

Sesederhana waktu yang tak penah berhenti dan senyum mu yang mengabadikannya.


Listened to a poem that suddenly (?) exist in my music playlist.

It is about love and leave. He loves her, but he want to leave. Metaphoric enough.

Why leave if you loves? Why not you say the truth and tried to get what you love? Cinta tak harus memiliki? Maybe it implies in some conditions.

And are those who leave, will they return, someday? It falls under a wide discussion and definition which I found hard to hold onto a clear stand.

Peoples ; they really change.



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