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Alhamdulillah. It seems like everything has set back into routine. 3 months to go before all these things will be setting down. I am not tired nor hate, I’m enjoying this precious process. Something made me realise, and I can say it changed me. At least, a little bit.

When I supposed to struggle finishing my assignment yesterday,  I unintentionally joined  Ain in a long chatting (she is a good story teller). She told me about his rich fiance, how her man different from others and things like that. I can see her love blooming.

Then, we talked about one of our housemates. She is contrary with Ain. She was born in a very poor family, Ain said. I was shocked because her mimic doesn’t show so. She is cool, always cool. She is the shyest person in our home and always keep her eyes on her text book, studying.

The story make me realised that it needs a strong reason for your determination. It needs a strong why for everything we do until nothing can bring us down.

Double motivation for me when seeing my seniors and friends graduated successfully. I met Kak Fish when I was on my way to my class. She was graduated. Not to mention that she wore the most beautiful smile I ever seen on her face.

I need to work very hard. One and a half semester more before I can wear the smile too.

I think I should stop my mind from remembering what is not worth to remember. I should be attached to my former stand that when you expecting much, the more disappointing you’ll be. Will keep living as former me, again.



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