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War stories

Over all the brain wrenching-assignments, I escaped by reading one of the masterpieces of A.Samad Said which is super awesome! Now I know why he had honoured as a sasterawan negara. The way he described things is so particular and detail even a leaf that fall from its stick ; he wrote into fine detail which always made me mesmerised.

“Tasik Syahdu dan Cerpen-cerpen Lain” really touched my heart. Not just because of the words used, but the theme that had been brought up. It is about war. The dark time of Malaya during 1940s and above, before we were given our freedom in shaping our nation. Before the independence day and before we can walk freely without the fear of bomb and murder.

Our great grand grand parents had so much suffered during that time and it was the time where everyone regardless religion and faith were set into one. They doesn’t see the differences among them as a reason to be separated. They worked on their similarity that was to set our country free. All the tolerances and love were really on the air.

Reading the book is like watching the original scene. I am too drown into it.

War and losing is like a part and parcel. Again, I’m touched on how strong they were when handling with the feelings of losing their beloved. They doesn’t burst out and become crazy, no. They take care on what is left. They continue their life and restore their happiness. But, deep in their sole heart,  the memories of their beloved were stained strong.  They live with the memories. That’s what keep them strong.

Mata Siew Fong samar oleh air mata. Dia segera terkejut dari khayalannya apabila merasa tangan anaknya memegang bahunya. Dia menoleh dan merasa malu, dan mencuba mengesat air matanya itu, tapi terlambat benar. Anaknya sendiri sudah menolong mengesatkan.

“Ayah”, kata Siu Lan.

“Ayah ingatkan ibu, bukan?”

Siew Fong tidak dapat menyembunyikan isi hatinya lagi. Memang benarlah itu yang dirasakannya, memang itulah.Dia segera mengangguk. Untuk bersuara tidak terdaya rasanya, sebab air matanya sudah menabiri matanya lagi.

(petikan daripada “Saat Terakhir”, cerpen ke 5)

They played their part well and now is our turn. What will we do to pay their sweats and tears?

It is more than war. It is about the journey.

The unfold stories of war


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