Only this time – marry?


Early 20s created so much events in my life. Yes, I am youngest among most of my friends from the start I was in kindergarten or in school or here in university, I am youngest regarded to my birthday! So, no friend admit that I am matured although I am. Hey, I am matured, okay. Haha. Ok, little bit childish here and there but please not count.

Today I will write about BASIC human need and it goes to LOVE.

Love? Err.

So what?

People’s mind especially women’s (I am woman) has large part in their mind which is actively thinking about love. That’s why woman is so much alert about love and tend to show theirs more than men does. We can see in our mom and dad. How they show their love and so on.

Stepping slowly into 20s, I admitted that I think about love more often than my years before. I started to think about the serious thing like marriage. In this case, I shouldn’t be so ego saying that I never want to be with my other half. I shouldn’t be ego when I fall in love with someone, I shouldn’t be ego if I targeted someone to be my future husband. But, after all, I am an ordinary girl which live with ordinary life and customs. I have nothing extraordinary to be pointed out. I shouldn’t ego to keep in praying what I am hoping.

Recently, thought on that is escalating. To be frank, I am so tired living all alone and how I hold myself to be not in “couple phenomenon”. I would rather be single and alone than being in that circle. I prefer short introduction, clear intention, quality engagement and simple wedding and invest in marriage. It is what I dream of.

What if.. I mean let say, if right after I am graduating, I will be married? I need someone that can always be beside me, motivating me whenever I am down like now, make me laugh when I stress, changing thoughts and idea, improving each other’s self, unconditionally love and live with me, teaches me what I need to learn and understand me well.

I think I can manage my life and stress well after marriage. Ask for my hand right after I am graduating. I don’t know if you read this. But I hope you are reading. Yet I don’t know who are “you”. Haha. Yes. I mean you 🙂

Sounds desperate? oh. No way. I am not. Just, the fitrah manusia to be in pair is mushrooming in myself when I step into twenty-something years old. It is pretty normal.

The key is pray and tahajjud and istikharah. Improve our daily prayer and at the same time, use this time to learn more about Islamic knowledge like tajweed and sirah for us to tell our future childrens.

Everything will be beautifully fall in place one day.InsyaAllah.

Till then, it is the first time ever I write about “I want to be married”. So, dont get irritated, only this time 😀

So, it is rain heavily and I don’t know how to walk back to my college.



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