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one down


Alhamdulillah. One down and one more to go before study week and final exam followed. Done with my group’s presentation of Coastal Zone Management, presenting our journey in conducting an interview session with one of the government’s agencies. It doesnt come to my imagination that we can finish the tough assignment that well because the assignment was really different from any assignment that had ever given. Final year ; I should expect this earlier.

So, I am fully satisfied with all the sweats we sacrificed, and the positive feedback by Dr and fellow classmates were much appreciated. I love today’s class environment, learning and discussing like we are thirst for the knowledge ; it is previlege to be thrown into this circle. I will and surely miss those moments after I leave this university. They are the second best classmates I ever in, after my Form 1- Form 3 ‘ s classmates.

So, tomorrow is the day. The day that most of my friends await. Interview session with Themed Attraction Malaysia that seek for a team for their future Marine Park. The interview is for the post of Aquarist and Fish Trainer. Fish Trainer! Yes. Dolphin included! Now I am excited. It is high possibility that those who are accepted will be doing their internship at Hawaii.

But, I am not confident enough to own a stable space in that vacancy. But, InsyaAllah will give it a try. Mom told me to be confident and she said she loves me forever. That is really blew my mind.

Pray for me 🙂


taihen desu ne! ganbatte kudasai


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