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The Day Before : Lisa Shroeder

” Next we head to the exhibit

I most want to see

                                  Passages of the Deep.


Sharks and stingrays swim

above us,

below us,

all around us.

We walk through

the tunnel of glass


as if we’re afraid

of falling in.


“Can you feel it?”, Cade asks me.

“Feel what?”

“The Power.

The confidence.

They’re so damn confident.”


I nod.

I do feel it.

But I want to tell him, I feel something else too.



And it’s not from

the eels.”

(The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder)


Finished this book quite a long time ago, but recently I just love to re-read it again. Different from other book that were written with compact, small, and lengthy words, Lisa wrote this book with her style. Elegant short rhythm line which made me able to finish the entire book within only 2 days.

Tried to find the other books written by her at the bookstores since then but I didnt found any of them. For me, this book is not about the love story, I see it as a life journey in seeking her stand and identity.

” There is something comforting about a lighthouse

In the dark of the night,

hold on to the light,

and you’ll get back home safely

                     I need a personal lighthouse “

(The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder)

Lighthouse at Twilight

called abah just now. Talking about my craving on nasi daging and air asam. Heh,and know what? Pavi is weird. The price is getting higher. Sigh -_-

Foods here create their own boredom. I need something spicy and flavourful.

and cheap.


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