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In life, everything is a test. In fact, being alive itself is a test.

Sad, happy, love, miss, worry and thousands more feelings and situations is a test. It is whether we realise it or not.

We hardly find an enough-ness feeling in ourselves.  The feeling when you have everything but still you craves for something else that you dont have. It is when our life full of worries, helpless and down ; thinking the things we dont have.

It is time to start thinking about what we have now and be grateful. Let us re-seek our own identity as a slave of Allah swt. Ask for HIS forgiveness and try to be a good Muslims and Muttaqin.

Appreciate what we are having now and try to feel enough.

It doesn’t matter how we spend our life, but what is most matter is how our life will be ended. Time is always there and Allah loves those who turn to HIM.

Life and everything inside it is a test. Not to forget that we have a permanent life onwards.

For life is just a test, dont despair and never lose hope. Have faith!



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