David Attenborough


The last time I watched documentaries by David Attenborough was a long time ago, during my semester break. Today, I downloaded a lot of his documentaries due to my heavy craving to watch documentaries.

David Attenborough is a figure that I really proud of. He is a zoologist, plantist, biologist and great documentary’s host. He did a lot of documentaries about animals and plants and some underwater residents. The way he talk and explain about them is enough to see how he loves and enthusiastic to the creatures.

Back then in last two semesters, I happened to found his book at CAIS and borrowed it. Watched the full episodes but I am so eager to read the written form. The tittle is “Life in the Undergrowth”. But I never have time to completely read from page one to the last. If I am taking Zoology course, the book will always be on top of my book shelf. For sure.

He ignites love. Love towards other organisms that secretly live on this planet and I remembered his quote when he did a documentary on cold-blooded animals and their hidden precious life cycles. He said “They are cold-blooded animals, but yet they are warm-hearted”.

You should have a watch on them and you will realise that in this world, we are not living alone. There are small, vital things and events that occur silently.

Finished watching Amazing Cicada Life Cycles. Know what? They are cute! hee

Till then.


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