people are saying..


Living in this world; we can’t stop what people around us are saying. Have you ever get hurt when someone says something disquieting right in front of your face? Surely we had experienced this at least once or twice, or maybe more.  Me too, sometimes. But recently I just realised something. I realised that our life shouldn’t rely upon what others said. Our mood or stand shouldn’t too much depend on other’s mouth. It is disturbing and you will feel that you had been restricted in many ways. You scared of what will people say or how they will look at you.

I know that is a normal behaviour of human being but just try to set the level down a little bit and you will feel that your life is really your life. Get what I mean?

We can’t stop what people wanna say, it is not something we have power over. No matter how painful something someone says, we can’t stop them from saying it. Don’t get vexed easily, keep calm and trust yourself; have faith in what you’re believing and be the true you. After all, you’re not seeking for their blessings. It’s Allah’s.



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