Hukum Hudud ke atas Penzina


Hudud – Something that I learnt back then in Syariah Islamiah subject masa Form 4. Allah sudah mengaturkan undang-undangNYA dan I’m sure sunnatullah ialah PERFECT dan pasti ada a bigggggggg hikmah beyond them. It is! Ustaz explained hikmah-hikmahnya and we understand it well. Allah Maha Penyayang. That’s why HE already provides the social solution that we are thirst for. But, some of us refuse to take that into consideration and see them as a cruel,un-hearted punishments. Why we are so ego? The laws are from our Creator. Creator understands well HIS creations. right?

So, here is the hukuman for penzina (both lelaki dan perempuan) :

Penzina yang sudah berkahwin : Rejam (baling batu) sampai mati

Penzina yang belum berkahwin : sebat 100 kali

The biggest impact will go to the society that watched the punishments. I browsed down searching some videos and news related to the countries that practice hudud. There’s a video recorded from Iraq,  and images/news from Somalia. Personally, I saw this laws is more to love-oriented compared to the laws that we,human invented. The videos from Iraq showed that after the punishments, they hugged the guilty person,without any boundaries of feelings. Like, we normally stay away and look down the guilty person, but in that case, everyone is just support him and for sure, after the punishment, he will not commit the same thing again. It is a beautiful education if we open our eyes and mind to see beyond it. It is no such thing like being cruel in practicing the punishment. It is so sad to hear some people condemn HIS laws.

So, it is from society. The bigger revealation was made in medicational fields. Ever heard of HIV? Yeah. Hudud is an only cure. I read about it a few years back and I forgot the source, but it is SubhanAllah! Spectacular solution. You should read one.

We, as HIS creation, must not hesitate on whatever laws HE invented. Trust HIM.

HE knows the best about us, while we are not.

Found this. Have time to read 🙂 : Hikmah hukum Hudud dari segi perubatan 

“Itulah hukum-hukum Allah, maka janganlah kamu melanggarnya. Barangsiapa yang melanggar hukum-hukum Allah, mereka itulah orang-orang yang zalim.” (surah Al-Baqarah: 229)



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