It is raining. What a relief.

That sound when the water drop on the rooftop; is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.

Return back from lab, after a few hours identifying them under microscope. I noticed something; I will become super sleepy right after the observations and so I need some deep sleep like one to two hours which usually I did. Three days more left for me to write up a brief progression of what I am doing right now, but I have no idea what to write.  Then, I am thinking.

Why I have no idea?

It is my project. I have the right to write anything or any style I want. I shouldn’t scared or being restricted by anything. Ok. So, let make it into the top!

I am jealous with them, how come they are so strong even in high temperature water? Living in such condition where almost nothing can live except cyanobacteria which are formerly known as ancient heat-resistance microorganisms. They live in high colony and seems they rise from a single or two species. The selected and resistant one. But alas in Malaysia, there’s not much published research on them, compared to in Kenya, United States, Taiwan and New Zealand. Hope that this preliminary study of mine will open a wide opportunity for coming scientist and researcher to understand and enhancing this lacking knowledge. Hope that I am not just dreaming.

During my labwork just now, there’s a group of senior master or whatever status they’re but I believe they are somewhat in postgraduate program. I heard some glasses broke (test tube/droppers), high pitch irritating laughter, nonstop talking and kidding. Like, seriously? I hold back my eagerness to ask them to shut up and do their work quietly – like I‘m able to do so. haha. You’re dealing with something seen by naked eyes, but I am in that corner trying my very hard to count each of the minute cell in one microscope’s view. Rude enough.

We are told to do personal reflection on previous field trip and I felt like writing another series of novel; its lengthy! Haha. Glad that my lecturer ask to make it long, because I never know how to make the story short. So, hope this mild rain washes out the painful headache and bring up some coldness. A lot more to settle before next week.

A lot more.



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