The Border

It is hard to stop thinking on something that we never want to think about. It is even harder when the things just turn out in another way, not as we hope. So, that’s when the importance of Plan B comes in. I never think on Plan B, or any possible bad outcomes, because I am too confident that everything will turn up just like I planned. Or Plan C when I just get hurt and fed up by the circumstance.

I know. Allah had planned everything and if we could see how it goes, we will be so amazed on how smooth and beautiful Allah’s arrangement is. We will not grieve nor impatience.

What we need now is just a border. As long as the space doesn’t mix, and as long as the border isn’t interrupted by anything sharped, we will stay fine. The border may leaked sometimes, maybe all what’s needed is TIME.

The border leaked recently, and everything mixed up. I should remember how painful it was, so that I can rebuild the border again. Now I knew, the border that was built some time ago were not that strong. I shouldn’t easily move by anything.



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