happy one-year-old!


Happy Sunday! The name really fits today, the sun shines mildly after a long time dimmed and gloomed. Alhamdulillah. I have few things to marked on today,nothing much for me to write, no special occasion or such. Just run away for a while from the wordy notes and the bad urges to finish studying everything before stepping into exam hall. Fuh.

Izniarifahshuib.wordpress.com will celebrate its one-year anniversary in this coming January! It has been a year since this blog was created. I never expected that I can really be quite consistent and discipline in being  so-called a blogger (wordpresser? If there such word).

I am not an active blogger, for sure la kan. I just write whatever I want and it is not a private diary because I am always fail in translating my feelings into exact words and sentences. In fact, I’d been retired from writing a formal diary.

So, as Pancasara described his blog as an “entity”, I described mine as an island or a companion, maybe. An island (minus coconut tree and hypnotic wave sound) that I can be alone and separate myself from this busy universe, where I can scream in silences, or just cried on the words. Or as a companion when I need to convey what I think without any objection from others or when I can create any metaphoric words related to what I feel (since I hate writing my exact feelings everywhere).

So, its not a lengthy description isn’t? hehe. So, happy anniversary to my island and my companion! Be with me, we will be walk through a beautiful journey, I promise.

i am hungry.

Some cake or dessert? This. Ok, now I am hungry


a simple-effortless editing for you.hee


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