It is rare, I know.


2014 ; Earth is still spinning in its own orbit. Yeah, flooding, earthquake, storms etc happened and yet Allah loves HIS creatures. STILL love and still give us another new chance. Another chance for us to make everything right, improve ourselves and REPENT for our past sins. We have to seek more on HIS love, aren’t we?

I just reached 21, and today I am 22, literally. It is a 2-days lap. Haha. Well, age is just an annual counting and it doesn’t give any much different. Human just get older in fact.

2014 isn’t a major New Year, Islamic calendar has turned 1435 and there’s less noisy celebration like previous midnight. Blessful things always in silence, right? I guess so.

In fact, ignoring all the fireworks sounds, handphone’s notifications, students’ screaming- I don’t know why they screamed – excited? (and a series of door-knocking), I just sleep all the night until wee hours of the morning. What a fresh feeling when I woke up and I started to do some minor revision. Not long after that..headache attacked. Again! First headache on the first January. Great.

I remembered that I didn’t eat the whole yesterday and some irregular and disturbed sleeps. It worsen my headache. I can’t wait to finish all these and breathe in some fresh air and times somewhere out of this circle.

I remember how good mak abah take care of me that I can never take care of myself like they did. So, what is your 2014’s goal and dreams?

Mine is just “take a really good care of myself”. It is rare, I know.


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