online learning


Shortly said, getting knowledge is a lifetime process and we must admit that we don’t know a lot of things yet. Learning doesn’t necessarily by means of formal classroom or lecture with a blackboard and a standing teacher – alas, some of us may think like that.

Getting knowledge is all about passion of getting it. So, passionate people will get whatever they want by any mean. Found a website of online learning. It is one of the websites that offer virtual learnings and all you have to do is register, allocate some times to read and think, and enjoy your curiosity and the rushing hormones of knowing new things.

Here is the website : Future Learning  


I love promoting things. haha. why not? 


When I was being asked on “how to reduce hatred” I saw the problem as a tiny little thing that is temporarily existed, it can be settled just with ignoring and forgetting. Not until recently when I experienced the feeling of hating someone excessively. I want to scream and shout on the person’s face and just pour down what had been nested in my heart! I just hold my breath and bite my lips, argh I can’t do anything. It is unexplainable and I asked myself how to reduce or delete it for better? It is not enough by just ignore and forget. It is not enough but increasing the hatred. I need more powerful solution.

So, powerful hatred should be handled with silent powerful soft solution. We can’t do anything to change things we hate about the person. I will pray for the person. I will pray for my heart to be soft. It is no easy way out, face the person and pray for them. Hatred is something really bad, it is a negative aura and originated from devil.

I pray so that the behavior will change, so that I can see the better side of the person.InsyaAllah.


All the feelings we felt and the things we gone through is a TRIAL.

A TRIAL. Let us win over this trial.


Up to my boredom, I stepped into the gym. Haha. One of the craziest thought and deed of an Izni. Like, what’s wrong with you?

I mean, I hate gym-ing before but I knew this place that open for ladies only. So, why not give it a try? I can’t remember the last time I tried new thing. So, today is my first time in gym.

I went alone and the gym was quite empty, peace with not much people in. Against my expectation, they doesn’t teach me how to use this and that unless asked. Unprofessional maybe? Or it is a norm to every gym? I don’t know.

After approximately 2 hours, I with my teared muscles  got oreo chocolate blended with large pearl at Bubble Gurt. It is unresistable that it’s located just below the gym. Haha. Will try to close my eyes later when crossing over it.

The cracked had been repaired and having no cellphone for 3 or 4 days is something that I can live with. Plus, I’m home. Nothing to ring on.

Tomorrow until Sunday, they will be home, not working or schooling so I’m not that alone anymore.

Sometimes loneliness is terrible

No picture motive. Just love how its look..


Getting nearer to the full recovery. I can’t believe that I finally can get out alive from all those craps. It’s tiring I swear! I realised that everything needs process,step by step. It is like I am struggling in a wild strong wave and pushed my self to stand up and get rid from the waves. Today’s is a mild one,not agressive like previous days. Alhamdulillah. Hope tomorrow will be a lot more better.

Metaphorically said.


keep alive.

Brain : Machine to create meaning

It is interesting to know that behind our beliefs and all the thoughts- there’s some process occurred in our brain and of course unconsciously. We just ended up by “Yes, I believe” on something after a series of electrical connection and reaction that actively occurred just as fast as half of our blinking eye’s time. So fast until we don’t know that even in that matter, there’s science explanation beyond.

Brain subject has always been my biggest interest when it comes to cognitive and psychology explanation. It is a reason why it located at the upper us; besides its nobility, it gives pattern to our lives. It put colours to our breaths and world.

And also which determine our place in the hereafter; Heaven or Hellfire. So, beware in what we’re believing.

Superstition VS Brain

I’m not expect that this two things are interrelated (I’m not a cognitive science student so maybe I’m late in knowing this? But this is interesting). Thesis of Dr. Shermer who write a book entitled Believing Brain said that we form and create our belief for a variety of subjective, personal, emotional, and psychological reasons in the context of environments created by family, friends, colleagues, culture, and society at large; after forming our beliefs we then defend, justify, and rationalize them with a host of intellectual reasons, cogent arguments, and rational explanations. Beliefs come first, explanations for beliefs follow. We can’t help believing. Our brains evolved to connect the dots of our world into meaningful patterns that explain why things happen. These meaningful patterns become beliefs.

 First Process

When we look at something unfamiliar, the first process we do is by looking for a pattern and then infuses those patterns with meaning. Our brain continuously creating meaning beyond our sights and one of the evidences is a claims that there’s human resides on Mars when a picture showed a kind of human face on some random sand formation which interpreted as human face by public. Finally it is proven that the formation is nothing more than sand formation on a Mars’s sand mountain. It is nobody’s fault because human naturally tend to find a face pattern because we live with faces and expressions in the real world.

Effort of relating and finding meaning

So as in superstition. It happens as human tried to find a meaning behind some scene. Like what is the meaning when there’s a black cat walking in front of certain ceremony, what’s the sign when a glass broke in the middle of conversation, clothes that bring success during interview and so on. Human tried to find meaning and most of them related to either bad or good luck. Our brain is a belief engine, when we found some logic reason, we believe. However, it takes a strong taqwa to believe illogical events like Isra’ and Mi’raj and many other mu’jizat that happened to our noble prophets.

How meaningful or meaningless the data is – we can’t resist to find at least a meaning. Like what’s the meaning when someone say or do certain things to you. You start to analyse before you fall asleep, trying to find a reasonable meaning ; although they are meaningless at the very first place.

Think and analyse with heart and brain – there is when a wise thought and action comes in.

brain-powerMuchas gracias for the inspiration : Your Bleeped up Brain @ Discovery Channel.  

Unpredictable life



sometimes we don’t have to define or judge others, enough by looking into our own mirror and make some good improvement. We might be wrong in doing some-things, but then we still have time to forgive ourselves and make a fresh new start.

People change, they never be static. One day the most evil may be the righteous one. Or maybe one day the people that you hate most may be the person that you can’t live without. 

Life is unpredictable and we have to be prepared to accept it.

what “hmm” really means?


Some times ago, I’m so eager to know what “hmm” really mean. Is it the symbol of thinking, angriness, disagree, or what? Often, I hate when there’s a person who love to write or say “hmm” only without any words followed. It is a negative sign for me. and not until I read about that in a book – I have to accept the fact that sometimes “hmm” brings up some positive form even I don’t quite like it.

Ok. So, let us begin with women. Women use a range of high- and low-pitched listening sounds (five tones) including “oohs” and “aahs”, repeating a speaker’s words or context and multitracking the conversation – women’s biggest expertise. Men have a more restricted pitch range (three tones) and have difficulty in decoding the meanings behind the pitch ranges, so they speak in a more monotone voice.

To show that they are listening, men use what is called the grunt – a series of short “hmm” with an occasional little nod of the head. Women often criticize men for this form of listening, which partly explains why women accuse men for not listening. Often he is listening, he just doesn’t like he is. As there’s statement saying “men listen like a statue” (which I support 100 percent haha), actually they wear emotionless mask while listening which allows them to feel in control of the situations but doesn’t mean that men do not experience emotions. Brain scan reveal that men feel emotion as strongly as women, but they avoid showing it.

Now I know more about my dad. He is listening, and not a non-reaction-man as claims by the girls of the house. Haha

It is normal that women want and expect more on men. She expect that man would be like her friends, talking nonstop, complimenting, always have a friendly face or else she will say that her friend is sulking or angry and much more complicated analysis that took part in the whole brain of women. Now I can relate why women need sleep more than men; they think and interpret a lot! It is not over if I’m saying that the misunderstanding between men and women in that case – communication; is one of the biggest failure in sustaining marriage.

It is interesting in understanding, observing and analyzing people as no two peoples are truly alike.




I asked kak what had change around our home and she answered “well, this auntie made swimming pool atop of her house, that auntie made a balcony bla bla bla..”

Along this 20-something years old, one thing that I STILL fail to change is how easy I trust people! I am a straight straight girl who believe whatever my friends and families said. I don’t know why I’m so naive. haha! When I reached home, I saw nothing change and asked mom about it and she laughed hard.

That was not my first time for sure. My friends took that to play around with me, which is – well, I’m not easily hurt. Forgive and just forget is the best recipe for a good friendship. At the end of the day, I blame myself for the over-trust and mom said it is dangerous, she asked me to try reduce my trusting level. I’m not a person who believe everybody but when it comes to certain peoples that have close connection to my heart, I just believe them without asking or prejudicing. Haha. I need to change. Put some spices of prejudice. Err, not really right huh?

Forget about that syndrome, yesterday, I bought a book written by my favourite author, Ramlee Awang Murshid. The book was said to be nearly released at the end of October 2013 and I fell in love just by reading the synopsis at the back. It is about something (of course out of the world’s story) unique which connect science, fiction,curiosity, facts, fantasy and religion altogether. I’m jealous with his ability to have that magnificent and brilliant idea. It is a cross century’s story.

“Living home is a way to gain some kilos”

Hahah scared fun truth and who cares, it is once in a blue moon that I can eat something satisfied. Finally, I can eat Masak Lemak Cili Api and those delicious sambal! I am dying for that in those previous months. home

what a fact!

Insight : of journey return


It was a light rain when my flight was ready to take off. I can see the rain droplets adhered to the board’s windows and moving together following the wind direction. As the flight taking off higher, I smiled widely; something had been lift up from my shoulder. I just feel relieved. So relieved after what I’d gone through such a horrible and unpredicted events in these recent weeks. But well, Alhamdulillah everything is okay. It was like a virtual screen that I can flashed back and watched again series by series of my thick and thin memories of being in that land, a place that I’ve never expected to be thrown at.

With only one semester left (InsyaAllah, pray for that), I realised that I am progressing so much. Some of the things remain, but quite a lot of things had changed, and I know there will be more changes after this. How I hope that all that can make me a better person.

It was an awkward feeling when I sat beside a lovely couple. Fingers-intertwined, head-to-shoulder sleep, forehead-kissing; like hello,I’m here okayy. No fit term that can reflect what I felt except SEGAN. I’m so segan to watch that. But then, I just keep myself adapted, enjoy the astonishing clouds before keep on sleeping due to my restless night yesterday.

So, Kedah dialect is everywhere! I laughed when heard people using a strong Kedah’s slang. How I miss the slang and listening to that, I felt like a kind of comfort. A wonderful warmth. I know, staying there made my slang blown away a little bit. Let practice talking a strong accent of Kedah again!

Escaping from wet, cold, rainy and cloudy Sarawak to the hot and dry Kedah is something challenging. The hotness is different I swear. Hope the following days will bring up some moisture.

Happy productive holiday 🙂


House of Mini’s doughnut. Just as lovely as Big Apple’s but come with a cute mini sizes. Love!

*Saw you live a happy life,arent you? Glad to see that.*

LIVE care-less-ly and be selfish


Alhamdulillah, just to express my gratitude that everything I planned just fall nicely into their place. After a few days of hectic days and a series of pushing myself into the limit and do what I’ve never done before (like walking to the faculty at 7.20 a.m.  and return home at 6.30 p.m. – huge achievement for me, haha), at least I can enjoy my holiday without regret. Not really a month, but it is more than enough for me to recharge everything. Hopefully.

“Live moderately” is a word that suddenly popped out in my mind recently. I realized that it gives me a huge impact that I seldom feel before.  I can say that the feeling is just like when I facing the blue ocean and smooth, cold wind caress my face and at each finger of my hand; that lovely feeling, that peace and calmness that I hardly described. Live moderately is a way to reduce worries and stresses. Its synonym is live care-less-ly. Dont care too much. Sounds a bit like a loser, but it is a way to make this world as a better place to live on. In another words, live like this :

–          Do everything  with your highest level  (all out)

–          Stay motivated. Recognize your own “why” and keep it as your motivation.

–          Leave things that you can’t decide by your own. Do the best and let Allah do the rest.

–          Learn to forgive yourself and others

–          Let go your sadness, accept the fate

–          Don’t expect too much from human. They are not God.

and the most important is :

–          Keep your distance to The Creator as close as possible. Improve the relationship day by day.

I know it’s easier said than done. But let give it a try. InsyaAllah.


Live care-less-ly and be selfish – COOL.