We are not complex – in A way


I thought of this like 3, or 4 years back and I always have no courage to convey this thought. It is a secretive discovery by my own and I know it is true, not myth. *Kononya lah.Haha.Tapi betul, Im sure. Human ; in a way, is not any complex. Sometimes, we feel the same at the same time.

Sometimes we feel the same at the same time

We are so-called complex because we have too much assumptions and discourages to ask how others feel on us. There’s a moment when I deadly want to know what is going on in someone’s mind or what thought wandered inside it. I’m in huge confusion and there’s the time when all the good and bad assumptions mixed and come up. At the simplest word, I am become more complex and feel like life is so much complex.

The complex-ness that I deemed before was spikily decrease when I finally knew that the thought that had been wandered around the mind was exactly the same as mine. Huge relieved but the time that I’m busy making assumptions by assumptions, it is a waste of time. A huge waste of time that I should make the time as my sleep time.

A few series of such events occurred that make me even convince by the thought. Life is become slightly easier, I learn to not doing a lot of uncertain assumptions and try to live just moderately, a so-so life. Easier, much more.

So, it might be weird but, sometime we have the same untold feelings.

Is there’s any probability that we, as human – processing our circumstances and life events or peoples’ value in the same way as each other’s? I would say Yes. However, some might not be the same, but then just accept the fact and stay with your thought if you want to, or move on to another satisfied thought.

It is strange that we want to know what someone think of. Not any strange because they may have a special place in your life that you don’t want to miss whatever things they think or did. Be brave to convey your thought, maybe it is the same as they think. Who knows.



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