Comfort of talking to a teacher


Few days ago, someone called me. An unfamiliar number and I picked up in the middle of crowds. Although I can’t clearly heard everything I knew he want to buy Herbalife’s product. I hope he bears enough talking to me because I keep asking him to repeat what he said.hehe

Today, his wife called and message me ; she is the one who wants the product. So, we met at Summer and I can’t believe how I can get so intimate with the auntie. I called her Kak Linda.  Met also her husband who called me that day.

From the first moment we met, we just keep talking. I talked, she replied, she talked, I replied,and some little jokes and laughs. It’s really a good conversation, like we’d known for a long time. It’s strange.

I’m in my comfort zone. Nothing make me feel awkward sitting beside her. She sometimes touch my shoulder,  with some gentle advices and prayers when she knew I’m in my final year.

Finally, I knew at the last part of our conversation,  she and her husband are both a teacher. No wonder why I can get along too well since I live with teachers for my lifetime. I know their way of communication,  somewhat different from any other professions. Weird ist? But that’s the truth 🙂

There’s a rumor saying that male tends to choose a teacher as his wife. Haha. Dad having an ambition of marrying a teacher and he got mom. Now I regret of not choosing Maktab. Firework to my sis. She will be married so soon – since she’s a teacher.heh



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