As usual, reading today’s news from different medias and as usual, nothing change. Our society is become more closed and irritated! Bitter but true, most of the “patient” are Malay.

Starting from the mass death of fishes at Sabah until today, when there’s a new saying that scientists had found a twin of earth. I can see how much they refuse to accept new knowledge and open up their mind. Adding to the worst, they said other peoples are not concern with the Day of Judgement by keep speculating this and that. They put a label on everyone and some of them are too sink into political wave.

I hate to see their disease. I hope Malaysian especially Malay will do something to help scissoring out some of their closed mind and try to see things from different precious view. Yeah, the Day of Judgement will come very soon but is your behaviour help you in a way?

Don’t close up your mind and thought at the limit. Be brilliant to think. Be intelligent so that people will no longer put a bad label on us – Malay.


Speak your mind here! :]

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