Keep not everything

My hatest part is to sort out what to bring along and what to leave behind. It is tiring to decide. Sometimes, things that I think are useful at the very first place, ended up useless when I bring them along. They are nothing but make my bag heavier.

I let go some of my sentimental values’ goods. Trying hard to tell myself that they will be remembered, the memories will remain.

And I can’t believe that I’m smiling when reading those past writings.Let start a brand new life. A brand new hope and dreams. I will not look back and become so bloody weak.

So that’s the routine of nomadic life? Hehe. It’s about struggling between what to remember and what to forget, what to keep and what to leave.

I can’t keep everything even though I want them so bad. Something should be leave behind so that I can bring another new thing along. It is about sacrifice. I should learn to sacrifice more.

Well, too much to reflect even it is just a luggage-packing time. I just can’t wait to breath in a new fresh air. To forget everything and start a new one.

I can’t wait.



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