three in a row


It is my fault, I think. I should not ignore them for too long. It is a precious lesson and I will be more serious in the second batch. I just feel, doing something following regulations and procedures make me sick. I hate following guidelines or timetable, they restrict me and my life.

But I won’t give up that easy.  As the saying goes, experience is the past tense of experiment. It is normal having some absurdity; I will do better next time. Will try to put myself under “timetable”.

Met En Nasa just now, I realized it has been ages since I didn’t go to his office and talk for hours. He never run out of topic and always has something to talk. At the end of this month, he will fly to Ireland, pursuing his study and will return back as Dr Nasa. Wow! Proud of you. Wishing you all the best and do send me some gift from there! 😀

I am thinking what organisms I should culture? They need some research plans from the applicant. What about culture oyster to harvest pearl? I can open some jewellery shops someday. haha.

1459843_662896137081825_1579970424_nAnd also, today is the exact date of this blog anniversary. I just received this :


and Oki Setiana Dewi is married! Her husband must be the luckiest man on earth. Beautiful and intelligent muslimah. She is such a role model, at least for me.


That’s it. Three in a row story.


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