Phase one

“No, I’m not”, I said.

She smiled and laughed because she knew it’s all wrong. She thought I just lied, like before.

But this time,  I really mean it and I don’t need to convince anybody.

By the way, Alhamdulillah, done phase one that I waited so much – stored those stuffs in the college’s store. It doesn’t take a long time like before since I diversed them into some parts, a few in Syuha’s house ; a few in someone’s house. Quite ashamed but who cares. I just need to get my mountain of stuffs being stored somewhere. Haha. *evil laugh*.

Hope that this tiredness make me fall into a deep sound sleep. Till then, happy blessed Friday tomorrow. If there’s one thing that you deadly wish for, start praying now. Allah hears you even in your slowest whispers.

I pray so that Allah take care of our hearts and ease our way into Jannah 🙂


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