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Twenty Thousands Leagues Under the Sea


Finished reading Twenty Thousands Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. It is a quite thin-100 pages book compared to what I bought 2 years back which I rest it at home in Kedah. Should make some time to read and finish the book when I’m home later.

It’s about a voyage under the sea by The Nautilus sailed by Captain Nemo’s command. Sailing and living at the sea floor, watching the undiscover sea’s wonder, wrecked ships and dead men, giant octopuses and other unique creatures – what is more cool than that? I read with excitement as if as I’m on board The Nautilus.


I heard that there’s some peoples who become a so called Vernian ; they believe that the Jules Verne’s stories were not just a story. They may hold some truth in the real world.

Am I included? Haha. I start to believe that this is not just a story. Who knows there’s a ship and people who live under 20 thousands leagues under the sea. It would be a great discovery.


“There’s enough food in the ocean to feed the whole population of the world. Sometimes I imagined entire cities being built below the sea. It would be wonderful to live an undersea city. Life under sea is calm, safe, and enjoyable.”

He paused.

“But it would be no use. Some unjust ruler would seize the power and make life below the sea no better than life on land. We don’t need new cities,Professor, we need new men”


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