what “hmm” really means?


Some times ago, I’m so eager to know what “hmm” really mean. Is it the symbol of thinking, angriness, disagree, or what? Often, I hate when there’s a person who love to write or say “hmm” only without any words followed. It is a negative sign for me. and not until I read about that in a book – I have to accept the fact that sometimes “hmm” brings up some positive form even I don’t quite like it.

Ok. So, let us begin with women. Women use a range of high- and low-pitched listening sounds (five tones) including “oohs” and “aahs”, repeating a speaker’s words or context and multitracking the conversation – women’s biggest expertise. Men have a more restricted pitch range (three tones) and have difficulty in decoding the meanings behind the pitch ranges, so they speak in a more monotone voice.

To show that they are listening, men use what is called the grunt – a series of short “hmm” with an occasional little nod of the head. Women often criticize men for this form of listening, which partly explains why women accuse men for not listening. Often he is listening, he just doesn’t like he is. As there’s statement saying “men listen like a statue” (which I support 100 percent haha), actually they wear emotionless mask while listening which allows them to feel in control of the situations but doesn’t mean that men do not experience emotions. Brain scan reveal that men feel emotion as strongly as women, but they avoid showing it.

Now I know more about my dad. He is listening, and not a non-reaction-man as claims by the girls of the house. Haha

It is normal that women want and expect more on men. She expect that man would be like her friends, talking nonstop, complimenting, always have a friendly face or else she will say that her friend is sulking or angry and much more complicated analysis that took part in the whole brain of women. Now I can relate why women need sleep more than men; they think and interpret a lot! It is not over if I’m saying that the misunderstanding between men and women in that case – communication; is one of the biggest failure in sustaining marriage.

It is interesting in understanding, observing and analyzing people as no two peoples are truly alike.




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