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When I was being asked on “how to reduce hatred” I saw the problem as a tiny little thing that is temporarily existed, it can be settled just with ignoring and forgetting. Not until recently when I experienced the feeling of hating someone excessively. I want to scream and shout on the person’s face and just pour down what had been nested in my heart! I just hold my breath and bite my lips, argh I can’t do anything. It is unexplainable and I asked myself how to reduce or delete it for better? It is not enough by just ignore and forget. It is not enough but increasing the hatred. I need more powerful solution.

So, powerful hatred should be handled with silent powerful soft solution. We can’t do anything to change things we hate about the person. I will pray for the person. I will pray for my heart to be soft. It is no easy way out, face the person and pray for them. Hatred is something really bad, it is a negative aura and originated from devil.

I pray so that the behavior will change, so that I can see the better side of the person.InsyaAllah.


All the feelings we felt and the things we gone through is a TRIAL.

A TRIAL. Let us win over this trial.


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